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Wintac is a field management service software that can be used by contractors to connect every part of their business on a single simple, yet powerful system. Everyone on your team can be provided an extra edge from the office to the field as the software can be accessible from anywhere and updated in real time. Integrated payments and multi-option quotes are can be provided or your business. Accounting and invoicing can be made easier with real time QuickBooks integration. Instant and efficient dispatching of technicians to the field is possible with the mobile app, providing easy access to all job details. Billing & Invoicing, Contact Database, Contract/License Management, Customer Database, Customer Management, Dispatch Management, Electronic Signature, Equipment Tracking, For Commercial and/or Industrial Electrical Contractors, Inventory Control, Inventory Management, Job Management, Maintenance Scheduling, Mobile Access and Mobile App are some of the features of Wintac.
BigChange is a complete Job Management Platform that can be used by building maintenance, construction, environmental and other field service companies to grow stronger everyday. The jobs of electrical businesses can be planned, managed, scheduled and tracked in one simple to use and easy to integrate, cloud based platform. The capacity of your teams can be increased, invoicing can be accelerated and cash flow can be transformed, while operational costs and admin time can be reduced. Industry leading growth and ROI can be achieved. Your entire operation from quotation to invoice can be managed on a mobile or tablet by connecting your office and field workers. You can get paid faster and enhance cash flow by invoicing. Operational costs can be reduced with smart job scheduling and less time spent on admin. Control can be taken with real time visibility across your jobs, fields teams, vehicles and assets. Your resources can be optimized by intelligently allocating teams, assets and vehicles to jobs
Jonas Enterprise
Jonas Enterprise is an industry-leading accounting, construction and service management software that can be used by electrical, mechanical, HVAC, plumbing, and general contractor sectors. Greater access to information, better visibility and tracking can be provided with the software. All the tools that you need to increase productivity and improve your bottom line can be provided. Your operations can be streamlined, efficiencies can be enhanced and growth can be increased. All aspects of your business can be integrated into one software platform. You will be able to go paperless in the office and become more efficient at managing our jobs and work orders with the eMobile and Field Time applications. It can be easily integrated with your existing business processes. An almost sterile accounting environment can be created where every move is tracked and audited, increasing visibility of individual tasks. It is helpful for an audit trail as the processes are broken down into very small steps.
Tradify is an all in one job management software that can be used by trade and service based businesses such as Electricians, Plumbers, HVAC, Painting, Building & Contraction, Service Technicians, IT, Installers, Appliance Repair, Property Maintenance, Solar, Landscaping and Lawn. The app designed for electrical contractors with 1 to 20 employees. Everything an electrician needs such as quotes, invoices, timesheets, field service management, purchase orders, scheduling and job reporting is included in the software to cut back on admin. It helps keep all paper work organized. Your clients will be able to accept the quotes online and get reminders if they have chosen an option. The software is very easy to use for managing multiple jobs and creating quotes. Time quoting and invoicing can be saved. Accounting Integration, Activity Dashboard, Alerts/Notifications, Appointment Scheduling, Automated Quoting, Automated Scheduling, Billing & Invoicing, Bills of Material, Budgeting/Forecasting, Calendar Management, Cataloging/Categorization, Change Order Management, Commercial, Commercial Properties and Commercial/Industrial are some of the features of Tradify.
Loc8 is a field management service software that can be used by trade businesses including electricians, plumbers & handyman contractors. Quotes, jobs, people, invoices, schedules, tax, assets, people and currencies can be managed anywhere, anytime. It can be integrated with Xero, QuickBooks, Sage or MYOB to get paid faster. Workforce location and job status can be viewed in real time, anytime. Projects and assets can be managed, maintenance, training, inventory and service level agreements can be planned while communications with your customers can be automated to deliver better service. All aspects of your business from Job Management through to complex Asset Management can be managed very easily with Loc8. Jobs can be scheduled, assigned and completed with this innovative and easy to use software. Certification documents, licenses and insurance information can be easily uploaded for your users. You can take control of your assets, lifecycles, maintenance, budgets and renewals. Professional quotes can be created and send to your customers in just seconds.
Esticom is a cloud based takeoff and electrical estimating software that can be used by electrical and low voltage contractors. The accuracy and speed can be improved by digitizing the process and estimating. Estimating, takeoff and creates quotes are included in a single integrated package. There is no need to install any hardware or software as it is cloud based. You can connect everyone and everything on this Construction Management Platform. An unified view of project performance can be viewed to understand what needs to get done each day to prevent rework. Changes can be captured as they occur. It can be synced with your accounting system. Field teams will be able to fill out logs and access the most recent documents, even when offline with mobile collaboration tools. All project correspondence can be efficiently captured and managed. Immediate insight into job site events can be provided with daily reporting. Contracts and changes in the field can be viewed. Payment information for subcontractors can be easily accessed. Real time insight into the financial health of your projects can be provided with centralized, accurate data connecting all stakeholders.

Electrical Contractor Software:

Electrical Contractor Software is a software that is used by residential and commercial electricians to automate day to day operations, such as scheduling, dispatching, and invoicing.

Features and Benefits of Electrical Contractor Software:

The Electrical Contractor Software has several features that can benefit the user in many ways to grow their business. Some of these include:

  • The operational efficiency of an electrical contractor firm or professional can be increased by using an electrical contractor software that automates the workflows.
  • Customer calls can be tracked and recorded for better CSR training.
  • It provides easy to use estimating and invoicing templates to help your techs increase sales.
  • The software will help you to track tasks, schedule field workers, bill efficiently and deliver an amazing field service management experience.
  • The is fully customizable, letting you decide how the software functions.
  • Your workforce competently can be optimized by finding the nearest technician to the customer site and scheduling the task. The dispatch is prompt, efficient and smooth.
  • The exact location of your field technician can be monitored to speed up the process of reaching your customer site without a hitch.
  • Your preventive maintenance and service can be managed and agreements can be labeled efficiently. Planned maintenance, work orders, and invoices can be automated.
  • Real time tracking of specific job costs including labour, materials, and other expenses can be gained in one go.
  • The operations management can be integrated with your CRM, and other tools to make your business perform better.
  • Your customers can be equipped with a secure private portal to create jobs, consult existing jobs, and download PDF of job reports at any time.
  • Detailed time sheets of the time spent on jobs can be maintained without having to trouble yourself with piling paperwork.
  • In-depth reports can be generated to help you monitor your business effectively. As the dashboard comes with a detailed and intuitive interface, it is easier to review the performance.
  • Important information like customer data, job status, feedback, etc. generated by field technicians can be stored offline securely in the absence of internet which gets auto-synchronized once the internet is back on.
  • The transactions of customer can be authenticated and the quality of services availed can be confirmed by eSignatures.
  • The software help improving customer experience and satisfaction by providing before-after photo capturing facility which ensures that customer tickets are not closed before the problem is solved.
  • As push notifications regarding task details can be received by the technician, they can deal with the job at hand punctually.
  • The software help saves a lot of time and boosts your workflow as task details are created automatically from customer emails.
  • Various orders can be managed, their status can be monitored and the interface can be customized as per your business needs.
  • Each aspect of a work order can be managed in-depth as you can monitor task status, time details, communication and feedback.
  • Job costs can be tracked conveniently by using this software as a real time costs is provided that sum up service charges, material costs and other task expenses instantly.
  • A detailed invoices can be generated which gives the customers a completely transparent bill.
  • The parts and materials used for small and large projects can be tracked by inventory management.

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