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Dataminr is an AI platform for detection of real time event and risk by unfolding and sending real time alerts to your global teams. You will be able to know critical information first, respond with confidence, and manage crises more effectively across your enterprise by using Dataminr. The earliest indicators of high impact events and emerging risks can e gained. Real time alerts can be easily integrated into your existing workflows. Audience Targeting, Configurable Alerts, Contact Management, Event Management, Geotargeting, Mass Notifications, Reputation Management, Response Management, Safety Incident Management and Social Media Monitoring are some of the features that can be included in Dataminr.
Crises Control
Crises Control is a secure, reliable, Mass Notification Platform where incidents can be managed in one place. The status of users, tasks, incidents and notifications are shown in one place by real time dashboard and map-based visualizations. Communication plans can be created for any incident, channel, employee, or location, and vital time can be saved in an emergency. It helps organizations keeping lines of communication open during emergencies, by easily sending notifications to any number of people at once and allowing for immediate, individual response with an automatic audit trail. Valuable data can be provided for post event analysis with documented, customized audit logs for every alert, message, or task during an incident.
CallingPost is a voice, text and email broadcasting system that can be used by churches, small & large businesses, schools, universities, non-profits, healthcare, HOA, property management, utilities and management to communicate efficiently with members. The software is affordable and helps keeping the recipients readily informed. It is a great way to keep in touch with all members. The software is suitable to be used in a church for making announcements to those who are unable to attend services. Activity/News Feed, Batch Communications, Contact Management, CRM, Email Distribution, Employee Database, Mass Notifications, Multi-Channel Communication, Personalization, Real-Time Chat, Survey/Poll Management and Template Management are some of the features that can be included in CallingPost.

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