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Groupe.io can be used by organization looking to connect and digitize their distributed workforce and improve productivity as it connects every employee, from HQ to the frontline, over an all-in-one employee. The software comes with internal communications, team collaboration tools, digital forms and checklists, workflow automation, role-specific productivity apps, virtual assistants, rich data analytics, and more. Organization-wide communication and collaboration can be streamlined, operations can be digitized, and you can foster workplace engagement with Groupe.io. You can personalize information delivery, track engagement, and measure what is working with seamless internal communications that cut through organizational silos and language barriers. Employees are enabled to take actions right from the post with in-line buttons.
Polymail is an email app for productivity with tools that can be used by founders, sales teams, BD teams, client teams, and other external-facing teams and individuals at growing businesses to outreach, track, and team collaboration. Email tracking including open, click, and attachment tracking; Campaigns such as mail merge; Follow Up Reminders, Message Templates, Calendar Integration, Contact Enrichment, Scheduled Sending Polymail are some of the features that can be included in the software. Customizable message templates can be created that you can share with your team. The full picture on every conversation can be provided as it automatically surfaces detailed profile and company info for your contacts.
GoToMeeting is an employee communication software that can be used by businesses of all sizes with web meeting needs for professional real-time virtual communication. A fast, easy and reliable professional online meeting solution can be provided that enables customers to meet face to face, share presentations and chat with colleagues with the click of a button. Employees can work effectively anytime, anywhere on any device with the productivity and flexibility provided by the software. GoToMeeting can help drive productivity and efficiency in every virtual meeting with features like Audio / Video Conferencing, Attendee Management, Attendance Tracking, Audio Capture, Audio File Management, Automatic Transcription, Alerts/Notifications and many more.

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