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SurveyMonkey Enterprise can be used by marketing, healthcare, HR, and education decision-makers to capture and act on critical feedback to drive growth and innovation at scale. It comes with advanced security and compliance features to deliver better customer experiences, increase employee retention, and unlock growth and innovation. Survey feedback can be integrated with your technology stack to enrich decision-making and automate workflows. Insights can be gained from customers, employees, and your market securely and at scale. Multiple users can be managed and visibility can be gained into all survey data collected across your organization. It can be ensured that the confidential data is protected with enhanced security including encryption, SSO, and more.
Blue is a employee engagement evaluation software that can be used by organizations to meet their unique needs, with focus on automation, flexibility, security and rich insights. Timely insights can be drived from employee engagement surveys with Blue Enterprise-class survey software. Deep insights can be achieved in an instant with automated process of Blue and can be shared across your organization with ease. Automate workflows, processes and notifications can be provided for projects of any size or complexity. Customized reports can be generated with tailored content for any level of your organization. You can also add demographics, behavioral and improvement insights for greater understanding and analysis.
Blink is an employee engagement software that can be used by mobile and field workers, which enables them to be connected, productive and informed when on the move. A measurable improvement can be delivered in Employee Engagement by combining workplace messaging, company internal feed, and cloud storage, on your branded portal. A group can be created for every conversation which can be organized by topic, project, team, or whatever makes sense for your company. It can be ensured by the group that the right people don't get left out and key information isn't lost. Blink can be integrated with the apps and services that you and your team already use in your daily activities. As information flows into the stream of the feed, everyone can see it or act on it inside Blink.

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