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Bucketlist is an employee recognition, rewards, and incentive program that can be used to personalize recognition to match the individual needs of the employee. Organizations who want to recognize and reward their employees for a Job Well Done, Achievements and Milestones can benefit by using this software. Employees can earn points and redeem them to achieve their goals. Custom awards can be created or you can also choose from the existing library, including innovation awards, sales awards, or core value awards. Employees and managers can easily recognize each other by using Bucketlist. Employees can be easily recognized for their accomplishments. Team members and managers can also add a personal note or praise.
Motivosity is a social platform where employees can give small monetary bonuses to each other for doing good things. All of the little things can be recognized across teams, departments and the whole organization by using Motivosity. You can create and share your own awards and badges if you want to create great team banter, or showcase the achievement of an individual which helps to lift the culture of your company. Giving on the spot bonuses is simpler with Motivosity. Your organization can gain more energy and collaboration, more autonomy and ownership happening, more management involvement, higher employee success rates with Motivosity.
Kudos is an enterprise peer-to-peer employee recognition and corporate social network that can be used to create a culture of recognition and a work environment. The little things agents do to help each other out daily that may normally go unnoticed can be highlighted by using Kudos. The points and badge features allow you to provide earned "kudos" to others. It also serves as great feedback from others. Client can gets their own unique platform that is designed with their brand as their brand colors, mission statement, and values are encapsulated into their platform. This help you reinforce the beliefs and purpose of your company across teams and colleagues through recognition and awards.

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