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Umbraco CMS
Umbraco CMS is an open source .NET CMS which is suitable to be used by developers for its flexibility and by editors for a great editing experience. Umbraco is also available as SaaS solutions. You can have the full control of your website and make your website look, feel and work exactly like you want it to by the help of Umbraco. You will be able to configure your site just the way you want to as there is no extra, unnecessary code and no limitations for where you want to take it. Access Controls/Permissions, API, Archiving & Retention, Audio File Management, Collaboration Tools, Document Management, Electronic Forms, For Developers, For Marketers and Full Text Search are some of the features that can be included in Umbraco CMS.
Agility CMS
Agility CMS is a digital content management tool that offers a fast and flexible environment for developers and powerful authoring tools for marketers. It is an is an API based, Headless CMS that allows easy integrations, omnichannel publishing and Enterprise grade security and performance. You can deliver content to any front end using any coding language through RESTful APIs, opensource SDKs, and JAMstack technologies. You will be able to get new products and experiences into market quicker and more cost effectively with multiple built-in-features, easy to use integrations with industry leading tools, and an intuitive interface. You can host solutions on your terms and industry leading security and page load speeds can be provided.
Colligo Briefcase
Colligo Briefcase is a SharePoint mobile app using which you can easily access SharePoint on iOS mobile devices. Collaboration can be made a breeze, and secure content distribution can be enabled with central policy management and analytics. Site activities can be viewed and any type of content stored in the Microsoft 365/SharePoint server can be accessed regardless of connectivity with the Briefcase SharePoint for desktop app. Files can be previewed to find the right document in your document library, fast. All SharePoint metadata and document properties can be viewed. You will be able to edit and save files locally, even when offline and it will be automatically sync back to Office 365/SharePoint by Colligo Engage when reconnected.

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