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Ramco EAM
Ramco EAM is an Enterprise Asset Management Software that can be used by companies to maintain, acquire and manage their assets. It can be embedded with AI, ML, gesture computing, zero UI, and offline maintenance capabilities. Ramco EAM is suitable to be used by asset heavy industries like equipment rental, power plants, aircraft, manufacturing & transport fleets and can be integrated with SCM, project management, finance, HR along with analytics and BI capabilities. Realtime visibility of asset availability, performance, reliability and sustenance, operational costs, returns on assets, risks and plans can be provided. Analytics can be provided to measure, monitor, manage, analyze and plan business goals, risks and growth.
Ant My ERP
Ant My ERP is all in one software that can be used by B2B businesses who are in Sale, Service, Rent, Repair, AMC of various equipment like IT, AV, Medical, Tea Coffee Vending machine, DG Set,Telecom Devices, CCTV, POS, ATM etc. The entire business process from Sales, Service, Operation, HR, Assets, Inventory to Invoicing can be easily managed. You can make better and faster decisions and stop worrying about recurring problems by collaborating and integrating the entire organizational business processes. Your business can be automated for increased efficiency and profitability, your data can be centralized and control can be given that you need to focus on what matters the most. Every asset's lifecycle can be traced from point of entry to usage and cost breakdown.
SeeMyMachines is a secure Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) platform that can be deployed at your shop floor, hospital, or any similar setting to automate processes such as asset management and tracking, condition monitoring, RTLS, and attendance/access control. Unplanned disruptions in production can be prevented with machine condition monitoring. Real time and historical data can be compared to assess wear and tear and proactively address maintenance issues. Medical equipment can be located and movement of staff and patient can be tracked. You will be able to track assets, monitor temperature, locate staff, and more on a single platform. Your fleet can be connected to the SeeMyMachines platform for safer and cost effective operations.

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