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Ledgy is a equity management solution for high-growth scale-ups and their investors which is scalable and easy to use with best-in-class security and privacy. Custom employee dashboards can be provided to attract and engage a talented team. Your cap table can be digitized into a transaction-based asset, accurate updates in real-time, and built to scale. You can keep track of grants, automate vesting, exercising and signatures to save time and efforts. Accurate finance rounds can be easily buid and exits with liquidation preferences and waterfall analysis. Shareholders can be engaged with transparent dashboards, KPI sharing, and automated reporting. Time can be saved by templating with custom variables and eIDAS-compliant signatures that auto-attach to transactions
Shareworks is a complete and integrated Equity Administration solution purpose that can be used by public and private companies looking to manage their capitalization tables, equity plans and financial reporting. The equity plan management can be simplified the need of spreadsheets can be eliminated with integrated cap tables and 409A valuations, customizable ASC 718 and IFRS financial reporting, mobile app for participants, and support for global plans with tax and regulatory updates. It has the ability to customize currencies and language. Document Storage, Financial Modeling, Private Equity, Public Equity, Participant Portal, Options Management and Valuation Management are some of the features that can be included in the software.
Vestd is a FCA regulated equity management platform that can be used by SMEs to share issues and options instantly. Shareholder signing and authorisation can be done digitally. Industry standard legal docs can be provided. Cap Table Management, Document Storage, Financial Modeling, Options Management, Participant Portal, Portfolio Management, Private Equity, Valuation Management and Vesting Management are some of the features that can be included in the software. Time and headaches can be saved with this full-featured and easy-to-use equity plan and cap table management software

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