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Masks are are extremely important to protect the wearer against respiratory viruses which helps to shield the airway from particles generated from an infected person in the form of droplets or aerosols. There are 2 types of masks i.e a Triple layer medical mask and a N-95 Respirator mask. These masks are usually recommended to wear depending upon the work environment. Triple layer medical mask are used to prevent the spread of diseases and infections.These are very reliable respiratory protection. You can wear it by covering the nose and mouth. It contains soft elastic ear loops and a flexible plastic strip that will help to keep the mask in place all day long. N-95 Respirator Masks are used to prevent airborne particles. It covers the nose and mouth and  approved by NIOSH. It has a superior micro fine filter technology which has been designed to protect an individual against RSPM up to 0.3micron.

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