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Festival Management Software:

Festival Management Software is a software that is used by event organizers to centralize their data collection and management and improve their coordination efforts from starting to end including registration, ticketing, volunteer management, and attendee marketing.
The software is a single place to on-board all of your internal team and the information, needs, and requests of contractor. The software helps the user to centralize and improve internal communication and simplify their process with vendors, artists, sponsors, media and partners.

Features and Benefits of Festival Management Software:

The Festival Management Software has several features that can benefit the user in many ways to grow their business. Some of these include:

  • The software can be integrated seamlessly with various access control systems and ticketing providers.
  • Application forms can be created and collected for specialty programs like vendors, press, non-profits, talent, and more.
  • The burden on your box office teams can be eased by providing tools that can automatically generate and manage guest lists and ticket requests.
  • The catering needs of your participants can be collected, expected catering expenditure can be forecast, and actual meal usage can be tracked onsite.
  • The counts and equipment required for all your onsite production builds can be accurately collected so that money can be saved by ordering the right amount of equipment for your event build.
  • All of your required documents from working and participating groups and contractors can be collected in one centralized platform.
  • As the web portal is the only place for your groups to see everything they need to submit, it help keep your groups submitting on-time, and your data in one platform.
  • Your requests and submissions will flow directly into the operations database with a form builder designed specifically for events.
  • All your vendors, contractors, sponsors, and team information are kept organized in a unified, easy to use relational database .
  • Custom branded forms with submissions can be build that flow into a relational database. So, there is no more useless spreadsheets that are out of date and out of sync as soon as they are shared.
  • Actual usage of requested meals can be tracked by scanning catered personnel and crew as they enter catering. You will be always keep informed about the the status of your catering spend and stay up to date on overages as they occur.
  • Physical assets can be assigned to approved asset requests and can be tracked when they were checked out, to who, and where they plan to be used onsite.
  • Templates and pre-fill documents can be created and uploaded with existing data in your event.
  • Event directors have all the information they need to make better decisions with a centralized database of all your event information.
  • All of your credential requests, approvals, and inventory can be managed easily.
  • All your event production elements, including staging, audio, lighting, video, backline, and your technical vendors can be managed.
  • The advancement and management of your events operational elements and logistical needs can be handled.
  • You can feel confident you are ordering what is necessary for the production and operation of the event with a unified needs collection workflow & reporting database.

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