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Jocata GRID
Jocata GRID is a digital lending, digital onboarding, AML, and fraud management solution build for the BFSI industry. A real time, integrated view of the business operations of your financial institution can be provided with innovative technology for end-to-end digital transformation of your financial services. Your Retail and MSME loan book expansion can be increased through real time decisions. All key stakeholders and processes are available on one platform to improve performance. Suspicious financial activity including money laundering and real time fraud can be monitored to increase security and compliance. Risk adjusted insights can be provided and regulatory compliance can be ensured.
Finsemble is a desktop platform that can be used by financial services to allow apps of any type to sync, link, and share information. Window management, workspace management, dialogs, menus, and launchers can be provided by HTML5 application framework of Finsemble for a meaningful, intelligent workflow. Manual re-entry can be eliminated and intelligent workflow can be seen with cross-application data sharing in an instant. Web apps can be run side by side with legacy or in-house apps, snapping and docking in the same workspace. Application vendors can break down apps into a multi-window experience. The vision of an integrated end-to-end workflow and user experience can be delivered for your customers.
Datasoft FxOffice
Datasoft FxOffice a multi functional platform that unifies the entire functionality of cross-border payments, forex dealing, web client portal, risk management, AML compliance, treasury and financial accounting in a single technology platform. It can be used by Financial Institutions and MSBs that specialize in deliverable foreign exchange and global payments. A complete visibility to customer transaction history, dealing trends, pricing, credit and risk management can be provided. Built-in quoting tools are provided for the front office. Trading engine can automate covers with liquidity providers or manually manage positions. FX exposure can be managed and volatility can be handled. Real time currency shifts as well as all realized and unrealized profit/loss, cash flow management, blotters and ladders can be managed.

Financial Services Software:

Financial Services Software is a software that is used by banks, credit unions, and other organizations that provide financial services to businesses and the general public to manage their day to day operations.
The software is a retail banking, corporate banking, and insurance technology solutions provider for the banking industry which also provides risk and compliance management, and performance measurement applications, as well as accounting, business process management, human resources and procurement tools.

Features and Benefits of Financial Services Software:

The Financial Services Software has several features that can benefit the user in many ways to grow their business. Some of these include:

  • Your entire organization can be connected across channels, geographies, and lines of business and a bird's eye view of who your customers are, what financial products they have, and what they need to achieve their life goals can be provided.
  • Real time access to liquidity insights and faster corporate lending options can be provided and the experience that clients expect with cutting-edge financial technology solutions can be delivered by using this software.
  • Goals, accounts, life events, policies, and investments can be viewed to proactively reach out to customers when opportunities arise
  • Experience can be enhanced, operational efficiency can be increased, costs can be reduced and customer care can be improved.
  • Risk, finance, regulatory, compliance, and customer data can be unified on a single data model to generate Insights for profitability with regulatory compliance.
  • Finance crime can be monitored, detected, investigated, and reported by enabling intelligent tools for efficiency and efficacy.
  • Digital strategies can be executed and solutions can be implemented at pace and scale. Contextual, immersive, digital experience can be build with this software.
  • Digital transformation can be accelerated and optimal efficiency can be delivered by driving business agility and forge partnerships.
  • All your revenue drivers and customer relationships can be managed by getting the pricing and billing clarity to maximize revenue opportunities.
  • The software supports multiple deployment options across on premises and cloud with multiple deployment models
  • Multiple transformation paths with best in class and off the shelf capabilities can be offered. Components can be reintegrated for progressive transformation.
  • Rapid and secure integration and collaboration can be enabled with third party firms and ecosystems by using externalized business services and an open architecture.
  • The software help improve insight generation and enhance straight by processing with intelligent decision making and automation using technologies like machine learning and natural language processing.
  • A more personalized service experience for customers can be created with improved security. Expenses can be reduced for both the services supplier and recipients aka end-customers.
  • It help improve user engagement, custom reporting, and real time data interaction.
  • Various kinds of customer information such as transaction data, interaction data, merchant records, etc can be collected and analyzed by the financial institutions.
  • Opportunities for behavioral segmentation can be offered. The efficiency of marketing campaigns can be significantly increased by creating personalized loyalty programs based on card usage habits, and pricing strategy can be optimized.
  • Normal customer behavior can be defined for further detection of various kinds of fraud cases, including suspicious activities associated with cash transactions, billing, and check the tampering. A real time, secure and cost effective way of predicting, preventing, detecting, and mitigating fraud cases can be offered that covers each phase of the analytical fraud detection.
  • All the crucial risk management concerns can be addressed by pulling all the financial reports together, measuring financial performance against risk tolerance, and satisfying risk reporting requirements.
  • The software also provides contemporary risk analytics, credit risk assessment, liquidity risk evaluation, and reduction of the retail home lending risk.
  • Accurate data can be delivered with BI by the power of understanding financial numbers.
  • Business efficiency can be evaluated by generating profits, identifying products and services that have the potential to grow, estimating profits and losses over a particular period, driving financial planning and forecasting, etc. This is possible with the help of unified data collected from various sources such as as cloud ERPs, CRM systems, and financial analyst's spreadsheets.

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