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Flexible PVC Pipes:

Flexible PVC Pipes are softer and more amenable to bending than rigid one due to the addition of plasticizers like phthalates.
PVC-U (unplasticized PVC), C-PVC (chlorinated PVC), PVC-O (molecular oriented PVC) and High Impact PVC (PVC-HI) are the four categories of PVC pipes. Each type of PVC has its own advantages for different applications and share many of the same properties such as safety, durability, sustainability and recyclability.

Some facts about Flexible PVC Pipes:


  • Flexible PVC Pipes are commonly used in construction as insulation on electrical wires or in flooring for areas where a sterile environment is a priority such as recedential homes, hospitals and schools.
  • PVC pipe can be categorized as, Schedule 40 or Schedule 80 where  things like wall thickness, pressure rating, and color are included as significant differences between these two types.
  • Flexible PVC Pipes are soft and supple in comparison to other type as the plasticizer added to it makes the PVC resin more flexible.
  • The physical qualities of Flexible PVC Pipe will vary depending on the amount of plasticizer is added.
  • Flexible PVC Pipes are more diverse in their uses and can be made to be resistant to chemical and liquid damage.
  • PVC free electrical wire insulation is preferred where the likelihood of fire is high as it emits hydrogen chloride (HCl) fumes when burned that pose a health hazard.
  • The increased flexibility provided in piping runs and maximizes flow rates due to their thinner pipe walls.
  • Flexible PVC Pipes can be used in both above ground and below ground installations for plumbing, ponds, water features, sprinklers and irrigation systems as it can resist crushing, kinking, and UV damage.
  • It can also be used in tight spaces and angles where running traditional pipe is difficult.
  • It is easier to install, handle, bend and manipulate Flexible PVC Pipes because of the flexibility provided by them.
  • Fewer fittings are required for a Flexible PVC Pipe to complete jobs compared to rigid PVC pipe.
  • These pipe feature socket type connections and the outer diameters and dimensions of flexible PVC pipe are designed to connect with standard PVC pipe schedule 40 installations.
  • Flexible PVC Pipes comes in black, gray and white color and are safe to be used with standard PVC pipe primers and PVC cements when making connections, placing fittings or installing valves.
  • These pipes are co-extruded with a rigid PVC wire helix while manufacturing which helps to prevent kinks, plumbing collapse and maintain vacuum or pressure ratings.
  • Flexible PVC Pipes are unfit for hot water as it can withstand temperatures from 10F to 125F. However, these can be used for pools and irrigation as Chlorine used for pool water has almost no effect on this tough piping.
  • Flexible PVC Pipes are also great option for garden irrigation, as it can snake wherever you need it to go without a number of annoying fittings.
  • The installation of Flexible PVC Pipe requires the same type of fittings as regular PVC pipe. The pipes can be bonded to PVC fittings with primer and cement because of the same chemical makeup as standard PVC.
  • The vibrations and pressures commonly found in pool and spa systems can be withstand by using special flexible PVC cement.
  • Standard PVC glue and primer can be used to glue Flexible PVC pipe with both Schedule 40 or Schedule 80. Just like any other PVC pipe, you can cut the pipe, prime both the pipe and fitting, glue both pipe and fitting and stick them together.

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