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Thryv is a ready to use business apps on the software platform that help your franchisees to view their messages, appointments, jobs, payments, reviews and more with one simple system. 24/7 support can be provided. All the essential productivity tools can be provided in all in ONE place. Small business owner can get organized, communicate with their customers, and get paid, so they can get back in control by using this simple software. They can get the job, manage the job, get paid and get credit online with Thryv. Tasks can be automated and it help put your customers at the center of your business. You can stay organized as your day can be automated with calendar sync, automated reminders, and conversations in one inbox. Secure payments can be accepted at low competitive rates from anywhere . You can respond fast as reviews can be easily requested and you can get notified instantly. Advantage of next day funding, automated recurring payments, client side convenience fees, automatically scheduled payments, QuickBooks integration and more can be taken.
FranConnect is a franchising software by Entrepreneur Magazine that can be used by franchise and multi-unit businesses of all sizes, across all industries. The complete franchise lifecycle can be managed and optimized. More units can be sold, opening times can be accelerated, franchisee engagement and performance can be improved, field ops can be facilitated, royalty collection can be optimized and legal risks can be mitigated. It can be ensured that materials are brand compliant, yet customizable by using FranConnect. Franchisee information and documents that are important for your records can be customized and customized reports that you need are allowed for easy access. The powerful cloud platform of FranConnect can help you grow, scale and optimize your business. Your system engagement can be effectively monitored and improved on an ongoing basis. Productivity can be enhanced in your day-to-day operations. Your franchisee can make more profits due to the easy access to the information you need.
Shortcuts is a centralized head office software system that can be used by Salons, Barbershops, Spas, Cosmetology Schools, Kids Salons, Stylists and Barbers to help them work smarter and run their multi-site business with maximum efficiency. setting appointments and checking out are pretty easy using this user friendly software. Everything you need to manage and grow your business are in one place. Business intelligence, automated marketing, client management feedback, inventory control, employee management, and more can be provided. Robust reporting and customization of reporting can be provided. Appointment Management, Appointment Scheduling, Automated Scheduling, Automatic Re-ordering, Booth Rental Management, Calendar Management, Calendar Sync, Client Database, Client Management, Client Profiles, Commission Management, Confirmation/Reminders, Employee Management, Employee Scheduling and Group Scheduling are some of the features of Shortcuts.
Marcom Portal
Marcom Portal is a cloud based marketing portal that can be used by your resources in the field of sales, regional marketing and partners to customize marketing materials online within the brand and compliance guidelines that you have established. Franchisors will be able to organize, customize, and deliver up-to-date marketing assets to franchisees around the globe by using Marcom Portal. The portal functions as a one-stop shop for your team with dynamic marketing templates, advanced search functions, in-depth analytics, and user permissions. It can be ensured that your corporate messaging stays consistent and on brand across every level of your organization. Organizations will be able to accelerate sales as they are empowered with brand content that is easily accessible from anywhere in the world. Tags or search keywords can be added to each asset manually or Artificial Intelligence can be used to do it for you. Multiple images and assets can be shared with team members on the fly directly through your portal.
FreshCheq is a cloud based solution that helps improve operational processes with task management, audits, food waste logs, alerts/notifications, reporting, and more. Day to day operations can be simplified. Time and money can be saved with operating procedures such as store checklists, temp logs, food waste logs, audits, corrective actions, reporting and more. Employee workflow and accountability can be improved. There is no need of any expensive hardware. Actionable and immediate dashboard reporting can be provided at all levels of the organization from any smart device or computer. Digital Food Safety compliance can be made easy. Paper can be replaced and you can have better team accountability. Visibility can be gained into your restaurant. Employee turnover can be reduced and employee performance can be improved with gamification tools. You can immediately follow up with your staff with push notifications alert when your logs aren’t completed on time. Reports are provided in the morning to review your team’s performance from the day before.
Better is an all-in-one solution that provides a foundation to connect the Zor with their Zees. Growth and consistency can be initiated across the entire network. You will be able to generate and nurture new clients, provide exceptional customer service to keep your past clients coming back, and order processes that help you upsell and raise the rate of your average sales by using Better. Personal information and history of your can be tracked, and an invoice/estimate can be provided that looked clean and professional using company logo. You can have appointment notes and notes in the checkout to help further improve communication. Billing & Invoicing, Commission Management, Contact Database, Contract/License Management, CRM, Dispatch Management, Electronic Signature, Employee Management, Financial Management, Inventory Management, Job Scheduling, Marketing Automation, Mobile Access, Online Time Clock and Payment Collection in the Field are some of the features of Better.

Franchise Management Software:

Franchise Management Software is a software that is used to streamline operations such as forecasting, statistical analysis, sales order, warehouse management and communication throughout a franchised corporation.
Many aspects of network operation can be automated. The policies, procedures and checklists can be seamlessly integrated into the daily workflow of team.
The software will help you increase sales and provide higher customer and franchisee satisfaction levels. Full reporting and visibility can be provided for Franchisor and Franchisee management.

Features and Benefits of Franchise Management Software:

The Franchise Management Software has several features that can benefit the user in many ways to grow their business. Some of these include:

  • Information about stores can be recorded, purchases can be automated, and orders can be managed throughout the franchise.
  • Franchisee details can be managed along with the outlet info form a single place.
  • Purchase orders can be placed by the franchisors based on inventory levels and connect directly to the supplier chain.
  • Dealing with stock shortages or blowouts becomes simpler as you and your franchisees are fully aware of demand and supply conditions. This way your supply chain can be optimized.
  • Engaging marketing campaigns can be created, automated, and tracked. It make sure your franchisees are always in the loop for a new product launch or a sale announcement.
  • Email templates can be created and also can be re-used whenever required.
  • It can assist your franchisees proactively to improve their financial performance. Access can be provided to a shared portal where they can record operating costs, sales, and other critical numbers.   
  • Weekly and monthly activity reports can be generated to compare the performance metrics of each store with the others in your network.
  • You can easily see what is happening within your franchise network with dashboards as all the information from performing and underperforming franchisees to real time reports on revenue and sales can be provided.
  • As the apps you build or install are automatically available on iOS and Android devices, you will be able to update resource info, approve book requests, and connect with members on the go.
  • The software will assist you in keeping your list of franchisees and all communication with them in one centralized place b the help of Franchisee Management Module.
  • Active franchisees and franchise agreement renewals can be tracked.
  • Management of territories awarded and anniversary dates can be easily managed.
  • The franchisor always knows the 360 view of what has been communicated with the franchisee as logging calls, emails, events or tasks can be done by any support person.
  • All trainings can be assigned or completed along with all tickets from that franchisee or any tasks assigned to that franchisee in one view.
  • Counts by year charts, system summary charts, and much more are available in dashboard.
  • The roll-up reporting of data and collection of royalty and other fees from franchisees can be improved as the process of submitting financials can be simplified with automatic or manual royalty calculations at the franchise unit level or area rep levels.
  • Royalty invoices and customer invoices can be created by the user within the software and these invoices can be pushed to QuickBooks eliminating the need for dual entry for both franchisor and franchisees.
  • Multiple support channels can be integrated, frequent tasks can be automated, and key metrics can be tracked, reducing the time and effort required to support franchises.
  • Simple self service, automation of frequent tasks, such as ticket assignment and closure, detailed reports of key metrics to track, analyze, and improve efforts, secure help desk for your support, instructional videos, manuals, and step-by-step procedures to integrate multiple processes, updatable FAQ for repeated tasks, reduced franchisee and employee training and retraining, easy introduction of best practices and reduced error and interruptions are some of the Franchise Support features provided by the software.

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