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Logitude World
Logitude World is a true SaaS freight forwarding software solution that encompasses the latest freight management software for optimal functionality, covering the full freight forwarding lifecycle. Superior customer convenience, scalability, security and functionality can be delivered. A full freight booking system with Email Documents & Reports, Document Printouts, Invoicing, Profit/Loss Analysis and Business Tools can be provided. Users can get functionality for Quotes, Vendor Invoices, External Documents Archives, Customer Collection and Balance, Shared Logistics with Customers and Free Customization with business plan. First Class is the most comprehensive plan that offers all the features of Business, along with CRM and Outlook Connection features. It enables you to harmonize your business.
JUST FREIGHTS is a Freight Software that help assists forwarders and transporters to help them with Automated quotation management, bookings, and document management. The Quotations you send to customers can be streamlined with the automated quotation management system. You will be able to send and manage your quotes automatically and allow customer to e-book from your system 24/7. An error free Freight Management can be provided with options to add origin, destination and basic freight charge. You can engage with your customers by giving them options to lookup rates and book with you at their convenience with customer engagement platform.
Logi-Sys is an easy to use and completely web based ERP for freight forwarding and logistics that helps your business overcome operational challenges and increase profits with robust, automated IT solutions. You can operate your business remotely from any place, any time with any device and real time visibility. Productivity can be increased with full automation of your essential operational processes. Sales can be increased with 360 degree visibility of marketing campaigns, revenue targets, and leads. More accurate, timely business decisions can be made with real time information updates. All the needs of a Freight Forwarder, including Sales & CRM, Freight Operations, WMS, TMS, Billing, Financial Accounting and Online Tracking for Customer Visibility can be covered in Logi-Sys.

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