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Fuel Insights
Fuel Insights is a cloud based software that can be used by businesses so that fuel inventory can be managed with ease for maximum profitability across all locations. Inventory can be managed with ease and comprehensive visibility can be provided into your inventory, deliveries, and alarms. You can monitor your flow rates, tank shutdown analytics and inventory levels with 24/7 remote access to all your gauge data to maximize your efficiency and increase your profitability. Fuel loss and run outs can be reduced, while maintaining control of every drop of fuel that flows through your system with constant visibility into ATG data. The insights you need to make data driven decisions for happier customers can be provided with timely data from our comprehensive reporting tools. Vital inventory information can be accessed from any web enabled device , anytime, anywhere. Fuel loss can be identified and mitigated quickly with standard and high-definition inventory variance. Run outs can be avoided with sophisticated forecasting tools based on real time and historical tank data. Fuel profitability and customer loyalty can be maximized with dispenser flow and uptime management
Verizon Connect
Verizon Connect is a fuel management software that can be used by small to medium sized businesses so that hidden fuel and operating costs can be uncovered and the potential for greater efficiency can be revealed. Trends can be analyzed and the performance of your fleet can be accurately measured by using its dashboards and reporting tools. Unsafe behavior, unauthorized use or deviations from standard procedure can be effectively managed with around the clock monitoring. Trailers, heavy equipment and assets can be monitored to improve security, utilization and uptime. Compliance, including HOS, ELD, DVIR and more can be streamlined and automated. Scheduling, dispatching and fleet tracking can be combined on one fleet management solution. Field visibility can be improved with near real time vehicle tracking and job updates. Smart scheduling recommendations can be seen and a drag-and-drop calendar can be used to create jobs. Better ETAs can be provided and notifications can be received if jobs are delayed.
Fleetio is a fleet management platform that can be used by organizations of any size to automate fleet operations tasks and keep vehicles and equipment running smoothly. Visibility into fleet operations and fuel consumption can be gained on the go. Fleet teams will be able to instantly access and update data regarding fuel purchases, maintenance, drivers, inspections, parts etc with mobile apps like Fleetio Go. Real cost per mile can be seen for every asset. Fuel transactions can be instantly recorded and users can get fuel economy metrics (MPG, km/L & L/100km) after each fill up with fuel card integration to improve driving habits and drastically reduce fuel costs. The burden of day to day fleet maintenance and vehicle or equipment management tasks can be reduced with this user friendly, comprehensive fleet management system. Your maintenance process can be automated from end to end through powerful operational workflows and data integrations. Any fleet related task or surface critical data can be handled anytime, anywhere with intuitive web and smartphone apps designed for busy, distributed fleets.
AUTOsist is a fleet management platform that can be used by organizations of any size to manage their fleet of vehicles, equipment and other assets. Fleet maintenance can be managed, inspections can be submitted, work orders can be created, manage fuel, parts and other important records can be tracked in a simple and affordable way. You can manage your fleet on the go, anytime, anywhere as the system is web based with a mobile app for both iOS and Android. Different users can be easily assigned with permission control. Completed maintenance can be tracked with receipt and document upload. Your fill ups and costs for fuel can be tracked easily. Miles or hours can be tracked for your units and business for personal can be easily differentiated. Miscellaneous documents such as registration, insurance, warranty and more can be managed. Monthly/annual spending on maintenance, service and more can be seen with custom reports.
IntelliShift is a fleet management platform that can be used by big organizations to connect people, processes, vehicles, equipment and data. Fuel consumption can be reduced by integrating your telematics data with fleet fuel cards. Real time alerts can be provided that quickly flag irregularities that may mean spend waste or abuse. You will be able to instantly visualize fleet wide fuel usage trends combined with driver safety module and our Fleet IQ analytics. AI powered dash cams can be combined with the richest vehicle data from fully integrated hardware that deploys in seconds. Fleet performance can be predicted and optimized by this unified, cloud based platform. Your people, processes, and assets can be united. End-to-end visibility across the organization can be provided, silos can be eliminated as well as increased productivity, improved safety metrics and a reduced cost per asset can be delivered. It can be integrated with your existing solutions and successful outcomes can be defined for your business.
Omnitracs is a fuel management software that can be used by businesses in the transportation industry to reduce distribution costs, decreasing routing time and improving customer service. Fuel efficiency can be maximized by monitoring the amount of fuel in your vehicle as well as how that fuel is being used. Operational costs can be reduced and your bottom line can be improved by reducing behavior such as idling and aggressive driving and eliminating excess weight. The number of phone calls, missed deliveries, and driver overtime that is impacting your bottom line can be reduced by more efficient routing and communications between your back office, drivers and customers. The last mile can be optimized to improve the consumer experience. Barcoding/RFID, Carrier Management, Cost Tracking, CRM, Dispatch Management, Drag & Drop, Driver Management, Employee Management, Fleet Management, Fuel Cost Management, Fuel Management, Fuel Tracking, GPS, Historical Reporting and IFTA Reporting are some of the features of Omnitracs.

Fuel Management Software:

Fuel Management Software is a software that is used to maintain, control and monitor fuel consumption and stock in transport industry. The use of fuel within the transportation and construction industries can be effectively measured and managed by using fuel management software.
The software can be used for fleets of vehicles, including railway vehicles and aircraft, or any vehicle that operates on. Many methods and technologies are implemented to monitor and track fuel inventories, fuel purchases and fuel dispensed. These information can be stored in computerized systems and reports can be generated with data to help management practices. The software can help fleet owners improve their efficiency, safety and make smart and better decisions in a cost effective and flexible way by using AI, machine learning, sensors and predictive analytics.

Features and Benefits of Fuel Management Software:

The Fuel Management Software has several features that can benefit the user in many ways to grow their business. Some of these include:

  • Fuel data collection can be simplified, accuracy can be improved and time to insight can be reduced.
  • The contribution of fuel to cost of ownership, operating costs and optimize usage can be understood clearly by using this software.
  • Asset utilization can be optimized based on fuel consumption trends.
  • Fuel economy data can be received based on your preferred unit of measurement.
  • It can signal you about potential maintenance or drive behavior issues when fuel economy is higher than expected.
  • Cost per mile for every asset can be tracked based on costs such as fuel, maintenance, loan or lease payments, expenses and more.
  • Telematics data can be automatically captured making it easier to keep up with preventative maintenance and respond quickly to vehicle issues by connecting your existing GPS hardware to the software.
  • Vehicle location can be viewed and notifications on fuel location exceptions can be received.
  • DTC codes, engine faults can be managed and failed inspection items can be easily resolved.
  • Odometer readings can be updated automatically and maintenance reminders can be triggered.
  • Gallons or liters, cost, vendor locations and more can be tracked automatically which will help increasing data accuracy and reducing time to insight.
  • The risk of loosing fuel receipts can be eliminated as transactions can be pulled in automatically from fuel cards
  • Drivers can easily log fuel and upload fuel receipts in the software, there by saving them time and the hassle of keeping track of paper receipts.
  • Historical transaction data can be uploaded through CSV. So, you can get everything in one place quickly, which will help you report on trends sooner.
  • Fuel performance can be reported in aggregate, by location, fuel type or vehicle in your preferred unit of measurement. It can also help with your IFTA quarterly fuel tax reports.
  • Top-level metrics can be viewed on a dashboard that will help you keep tabs on fuel patterns at a glance.
  • Allocation and financial forecasting can be optimized as you can drill into fuel cost data for your assets.
  • Critical fuel data can be shared across your organization quickly and simply. Reports can be customized and those can be scheduled to send to stakeholders on a schedule. You will be able to share, export and print on demand.

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