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Gas Powered Generators:

Gas Powered Generators is a device that can be used for generating gas by a chemical reaction or from a solid or liquid source, when a pressurized gas can not be stored.

Some facts about Gas Powered Generators:


  • Electricity can be provided by running a gas powered engine that help convert an on-board alternator to generate electrical power
  • A rocket propellant is used to generate large quantities of gas which is typically used to drive a turbine. This type of gas generator are used to power turbopumps in rocket engines and are used to power electrical generators and hydraulic pumps by some auxiliary power units.
  • Gas Powered Generators are used to produce gaseous chemicals for sale in the industrial gases industry. For example, breathable oxygen at a controlled rate over a prolonged period can be delivered by a chemical oxygen generator.
  • The gas generator can also be used in an automobile airbag, where a specific quantity of inert gas is rapidly produced.
  • A built-in fuel tank for storing just a few gallons of gas is usually provided in most portable residential gas generators that is capable o providing hours of electricity.
  • However, the tank will need to be refilled multiple times a day manually.
  • A higher number of toxins can be released into the air and more carbon deposits will be left in the engine of your generator as a result of gas burning.
  • Portable gas generators  that converts coke or other carbonaceous material into producer gas may be used as a source of fuel gas for industrial use.
  • Clean, fresh, unleaded gasoline can be used which must have a minimum rating of 87 octane/87 AKI.
  • Non-ethanol premium fuel is usually recommended to be used in a Gas Powered Generator. However, up to 10 percent ethanol can be used.
  • You will have to keep an eye on the fuel gauge, or you will have to manually check the fuel level depending on the model of the generator.
  • The gas generator generator should be turened off and cool down a bit first before refueling. This will avoid a fire if gasoline is splashed or spilled as hot components are allowed to cool.
  • An  gas powered generator that is not going to be used for a long time should be stored in a dry, safe place to prevent moisture, which can cause rust to accumulate in the fuel tank.
  • A fuel stabilizer should be added if your portable generator is being stored for over 30 days.
  • You should run the engine for 10 to 15 minutes to circulate the stabilizer if fuel stabilizer is added.
  • Storing fuel in the genertaor should be avoided for a long period of time unless properly treated with fuel stabilizer.
  • You should drain the fuel tank prior to storage if fuel stabilizer is not used.
  • The amount of power is indicated by ratings on gas powered generators which is measured by watts. The key measurement is total wattage of the gas generator. So, the generator needs to produce an equal or higher amount of wattage ratting in order to work safely.
  • You can power up more items if the watt is more. Running watts and Starting watts are two different types of watts used in any electrical appliances.
  • The continuous watts produced to keep the power running is the running watts where as, the extra power required to start larger motor-driven appliances and equipment, or power multiple items at one time is the starting watts .
  • You should  estimate the amount of energy you will need to power essential equipment as insufficient voltage could produce either a utility brown out or even damage the items you are trying to power up.
  • A portable generator that is equipped with a series of outlets can be used to power everything from extension cords to power tools to appliances.
  • Accessories such as generator covers, cords, cables, and adaptors can help provide ways to expand the use of your generator, as well as protect your investment depending on power requirements and how often you plan to use your unit.
  • Chemical energy is converted into mechanical energy and then into electrical energy by burning gas to rotate the alternator, which induces an electrical current in a gas powered generators. Then the resulting AC current can be used to supply power through the exterior outlets of the gas generator
  • Gas Powered Generators that runs on natural gas are more cost effective, efficient to operate and are environment friendly. However, there is not much flexibility provided compared to other types of generators and these can not be the best choice for every application.
  • The natural gas generator that are used in both residential and commercial and industrial applications is permanently installed and supplied with fuel from the local utility company. The standby generator swings into operation automatically during power outages.
  • These type of generator are suitable to be run only for a limited time during emergency periods, as it can cause malfunctions if a standby generator is operated for more than its prescribed amount of time and the need for more frequent repairs.
  • Prime power generators are is less common and are used when there is no local utility. These type of gas generator are mostly used for residential purposes, as most homes could not quickly connect to a natural gas line, and many will not have gas line at all.
  • Prime power generators can provide more longer running times at variable loads and can handle larger loads than backup generators.
  • Gas Powered Generators that runs on natural gas are suitable to be used at hospitals, nursing homes, and other large facilities where continuous power supply is critical.
  • A dual-fuel or tri-fuel generators can be used in some cases which is capable of utilizing either natural gas or propane, or even diesel and gasoline. A conversion kit is provided in such generators to makes it possible for your generator to accept natural gas.

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