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ManageEngine ADManager Plus
ManageEngine ADManager Plus is a unified identity and access management software for Business, G Suite, and Office 365 management solution to simplify tasks such as provisioning users, cleaning up stale accounts, and managing NTFS and share permissions. More than 150 built-in reports, including reports on inactive user accounts, Office 365 licenses, and last logon times of users can be offered. A custom workflow can be build for ticketing and compliance. AD tasks such as user provisioning and de-provisioning can be automated. Office 365 users, groups, contacts, Exchange Online mailboxes, and more can be created. Bulk user creation, modification, and de-provisioning across multiple platforms like Active Directory (AD), Office 365, and Microsoft Exchange can be automatized.
Corporater Business Management Platform
Corporater Business Management Platform is an an all in one solution that gives your data officer complete oversight into your compliance activities related to GDPR. Roles and responsibilities can be clearly mapped, awareness of data protection requirements can be increased, deficiencies and areas needing improvement can be highlighted, and overall organizational risks related to your data handling activities can be reduced by Corporater. A complete overview of all your data protection activities including implement GDPR projects and activities, monitor GDPR metrics and audit GDPR articles can be provided by integrating Corporater GDPR with your existing systems. Follow-up and compliance of the critical set of regulations can be ensured by using Corporater.
LexComply is a compliance, risk and Governance Management Solution provider, that enable clients to know, delegate and manage their statutory compliance and internal controls in a simple and effective manner. It offers 13 innovative SaaS based risk and compliance management solutions and two advisory portals. Annual Filings, Archiving & Retention, Audit Management, Company Formation, Company Register, Compliance Management, Controls Audit, Critical Date Alerts, Dashboard, Data Capture and Transfer, Dividend Administration, Document Management, Document Templates, Environmental Compliance and FDA Compliance are some of the features that can be included in LexComply. Facility are provided to Manage Statutory and Internal Compliance and and also has additional features apart from statutory compliance. Reporting can be done by by e-mail and Excel.

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