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Genset is a portable equipment consisting of an engine and an alternator or electric generator, that is used to provide energy.

Some facts about Genset:


  • The term genset is an abbreviation of generator set, which refers to the combination of a electric generator and diesel engine  to generate electrical energy.
  • Genset may be used to run construction equipment, appliances, cooling systems or other devices depending on the application.
  • The engine runs on fuel and drives the generator, which in turn run other equipment by providing electricity.
  • Usually diesel fuel is use in large gensets such as those used in transport.
  • Reserve power is provided by these power sources in case of local outages or during travel when local power is no longer available. Therefore, genset should be reliable so that they are going to work as needed.
  • Gensets must have a robust construction that will stand up to the elements due to their operation in remote places and possibly tough conditions.
  • Low-emissions are an advantage of some gensets. However, they require adequate ventilation.
  • Generally, gensets are used in the areas that are not connected to the power grid, places where power outages are frequent and where an outage can cause significant or dangerous problems and in developing areas as they can serve as the main source of energy or as a supplementary power source.
  • A genset is usually made of steel or stainless steel, or aluminum and is housed in a sound attenuated enclosure to reduce noise to the surrounding areas.
  • The cabin where the genset is housed must be able to manage the engine cooling process effectively and withstand corrosion. The baseframe contains an anti-vibration system. Either the fuel tank is included in it or the tank may be separate.
  • A control panel and an automatic transfer switch is also included in case energy needs to be alternated between the main source and an auxiliary one.
  • Reliability, scalable design, robust construction, fuel efficiency, automatic or manual paralleling, automatic loading control, local as well as remote operation and low emissions are some of the benefits of a genset.

Working of Genset:


  • A genset is a combination of an engine and an alternator. The chemical energy of a fuel is converted to mechanical energy by the engine which is used to spin the alternator rotor and convert mechanical energy to electrical energy.
  • An alternator consist of two main parts including a rotor and stator.
  • A voltage will be created on the alternator stator by spinning the alternator rotor through the magnetic field between the rotor and stator, through the phenomenon of electromagnetic induction.
  • Electrical current flows when the voltage on the stator is connected to a load and the generator produces power.
  • A portable sources of energy is produced by the genset.
  • The units run as long as the fuel lasts for diesel gensets. Therefore, a steady supply of fuel is required for these types of completely portable generators. These can be taken anywhere and provide electricity, even in places that do not have a connection to a power grid.

Use of Genset:


  • Constant power is required for data center to ensure uptime of their servers. Server availability can get impacted by power outages which could result in lost productivity. Lost business and productivity can be prevented for data centers and any other businesses that require constant power for their technology by using genset.
  • Keeping the power running is crucial for healthcare facilities. Electricity can be provided from these types of power sources if a storm or area blackout causes electrical problems in hospitals. However, the generators must be connected to a natural gas supply to ensure an uninterrupted supply of fuel from the local gas lines for these types of facilities. They can automatically turn on when the main power shuts off and does not require refilling with fuel.
  • Genset for businesses can keep them running in emergencies. Critical operations can be continued after storms which are essential to run

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