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Half Saree:

A half saree is a traditional outfit that has a skirt which is usually stitched from a saree, a blouse similar to a saree blouse and a dupatta which can be draped to make it look like a saree. The skirt or the Langa is tied around the waist with a string. A cloth of 2 to 2.5 meters in length that is draped across the choli or blouse is similar to a pallu or dupatta and is called as voni. Because of the contrasting color of one half of the saree as compared to the other half, these are called as half saree. Half saree are more prominent in the South India. Half saree are known in different names based on region such as Langa Voni in Telugu, Pattu Pavadai Daavani in Tamil and Langa Davani in Kannada. These are also known as the two piece saree, or half lehenga. Half sarees are usually available in bold color combinations. It comes in various designs and patterns.
As silk is considered to be the most desirable fabrics in South India, half saree is usually made of silk. Sometimes cotton can also be used in manufacturing of half saree and almost any pattern can be used while designing it. Heavy borders and zari work on the half sari are some of the most common design elements. Sometimes, the voni or dupatta, is manufactured by using a completely different color from the palette of the saree.
A half saree is available in a variety of styles as the tops as well as the skirts are designed in many different varieties. The skirt is available in a variety of styles such as straight cut, A-line, peacock cut, mermaid cut etc and depending on these cuts the half saree are named such as A-line half saree or mermaid half saree etc. The top can be styled in a way similar to the North Indian kurtis, which is more preferred then cholis. With two different colors on the top and the bottom, it makes the look vibrant and cheerful.

New Trand:

Half saree is the trendiest version of the saree that has come on demand in the recent years.With the raising demand of half saree, these are now innovated in many different ways, especially with western innovations being a part of the garment. These include half sarees available with resham or zari work along with mirror work done on them. These are now also available in more bold colors like black, red and grey. Half sarees are now also available in chiffon, crepe, georgette and nylon along with silk.The main advantage of wearing a half saree is that it does not require drapping, folding and coaxing to creating the right shape and fall as usually done in case of saree. Simply you can put the three components of half saree and drape the voni or dupatta as you like.

Maintenance of Half Saree:

The maintenance of the half saree depends on the type of fabric and the material of the saree. These sarees can be wrapped in a muslin cloth or soft cotton cloth for storage. Washing a half sari should be avoided as much as possible as it may deteriorate the yarns. However, you can use a mild soapy solution followed by a cold rinse if it is necessary to wash. Also, drying in sunlight should be avoided as it may lead to fading of colors.

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