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Disposable Personal Protective Equipment Ppe

Disposable Personal Protective Equipment Ppe


SPO.H.NO. 2344 GROUND FLOOR GALI MEER MADHARI, FARA KHANA, Delhi. , Delhi, Delhi, 110006, India

PPE Coverall Suite

PPE Coverall Suite


I -34/6 okhla, NEW DELHI, INDIA, New Delhi, Delhi, 110025, India

PPE coverall suite 70 GSM spunbond laminated

PPE coverall suite 70 GSM spunbond laminated
Price : Rs 75 / Piece


I -34/6 okhla, NEW DELHI, INDIA, New Delhi, Delhi, 110025, India

ppe kit ( personal protective equipment)

ppe kit ( personal protective equipment)
Price : Rs 550 / Piece

Apex Infotech Systems

plot no. 293 kamjhawala industrial area, New Delhi, Delhi, 110081, India

Hazmat Suit:

Hazmat Suit is a hazardous materials suit that consists of an impermeable whole-body garment worn as protection against hazardous materials.
It is a piece of personal protective equipment that can be combined with self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) to ensure a supply of breathable air.

Some facts about Hazmat Suit:


  • It help covers the entire body and other clothing to protect against dangerous substances such as poisonous chemicals or infectious viruses.
  • Hazmat Suit can be used by emergency medical technicians, paramedics, researchers, personnel responding to toxic spills, persons who clean up contaminated facilities, firefighters and workers in toxic environments.
  • People can be protected from hazardous materials or substances, including chemicals, biological agents, or radioactive materials by wearing a azmat suit.
  • Hazmat suits can provide protection from chemical agents by using appropriate barrier materials like teflon, heavy PVC or rubber and Tyvek
  • Hazmat suits can also be used to provide protection from nuclear agents by preventing direct contact with or inhalation of radioactive particles or gas.
  • It can provide protection frombiological agents by fully sealed system at overpressure to prevent contamination even if the suit is damaged. Powered air purifying respirators with full hoods and protective suits can also be used to prevent exposure     .
  • Protection against fire/high temperatures can be provided by a combination of insulating and reflective materials which reduce the effects in a hazmat suits.
  • Generally, breathing air supplies are included to provide clean, uncontaminated air for the wearer.
  • Clean air may be supplied through attached hoses in laboratory which can be pumped into the suit at positive pressure with respect to the surroundings as an additional protective measure against the introduction of dangerous agents that could potentially rupture or leak the suit.
  • The suits tend to be less flexible than conventional work garments as can be hot and poorly ventilated. Therefore, wearing a hazmat suit for long duration is very strenuous.
  • Hazmat suits are available in two variations, including splash protection and gastight suits.
  • The wearer can be prevented from coming into contact with a liquid by wearing the splash protection suits. Protection against gases or dust is not provided by this type of hazmat suits.
  • Gastight suits are designed to to provide additional protection against gases and dust.
  • Gastight suits are usually worn with a self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) enclosed within the suit. A total encapsulation and the highest level of protection can be provided against direct and airborne chemical contact.
  • A release valve is included so that the suit does not overinflate from air exhaled by the SCBA as it is constructed of several layers. Some amount of air is retained by the release valve to keep some positive pressure inside the suit.
  • Usually, gastight suits are limited to just 15 to 20 minutes of use by their mobile air supply.
  • A respirator is included in each type of hazmat suits may be something as simple as a headband strap filtering facepiece respirator to protect the respiratory system of the wearer.
  • A lesser level of protection is provided by a splash protection suit as it is not vapor-tight.

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