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Healthcare CRM Software:

Healthcare CRM Software is a software is used to connect healthcare providers with their patients so that personalized care for each individual can be identified and delivered.

Features and Benefits of Healthcare CRM Software:

The Healthcare CRM Software has several features that can benefit the user in many ways to grow their business. Some of these include:

  • Every details of the doctors from their appointments to their treatments can be recorded.
  • An enhanced electronic health record system is provided to track every details of the patient.
  • It allows to have a intuitive interface connecting all departments by integrated billing.
  • Everything in the stocks from Manufacturing date to Stock limits can be managed.
  • Tasks can be scheduled for your nurses and ward boys in a integrated dashboard.
  • The errors caused by interfacing the doctors and the Lab technicians can be reduced.
  • Each data can be analyzed and customizable reports can be created from your dashboard.
  • Online appointments can be scheduled and you can consult patients from where you are.
  • Secure payment gateway can be enabled and every options available for patients can be made.
  • Your hospital can be digitally transformed by having descriptive dashboards including clinical dashboard for treatments, revenue and material management dashboard for billing or accounting, operational dashboards for bed management and laboratory registrations and many other dashboard that can provide an aerial view on the entire operation of hospital.
  • The software can be accessed anytime anywhere on any Device.
  • Ideal productivity levels can be ensured by leveraging automation.
  • The patient experience can be enhanced to get more referrals.
  • The control on your inventory can be maximized and stock pilferage can be reduced.
  • Patient experience can be enhanced and more patients can be retained.
  • You will be able to access the demographics; social profiles; behavioral data such as activity tracking, conversation tracking through either phone calls, emails, text messages and walk-ins; medical and appointment history of patient.
  • The privacy and security of patient data can be ensured as the software is fully HIPAA compliant and leverages only HIPAA compliant cloud-based solutions.
  • You can get a single view for all your patient details as the software can be integrated with the other hospital management tools including hospital information system, patient management system, appointment scheduling, healthcare call center, EMRs, and your patient portal. Bidirectional information sharing between systems is possible by using APIs.
  • All  appointment requests and other inquiries can be automatically distributed based on their locations, conditions, affiliated physicians, referring partners, preferences, past diagnoses, family history and more. This information can be used to communicate with your patients, through email, text, remarketing campaigns, phone calls and more.
  • As you can club the members of one family together as a unit, with account management, the history of patients with your hospital, their family history of hereditary conditions and the appointment history of all the family members can be tracked to offer relevant health tips, loyalty points, and rewards accordingly.
  • Patient engagement can be improved with personalized communication at each step. Your emails, texts, phone calls can be personalized to help you humanize your hospital, and build positive patient relationships.
  • Your patients requirement can be predicted based on their activities, medical and family history, and related conditions, so that exact expectation can be delivered. This will in turn help you in patient retention, by helping them to take steps in preventable conditions even before they emerge.
  • Appointment booking can be automated based on clinic location, specialty, doctor and other patient preferences. Appointments can be synced from the appointment scheduling app into the software to make appointment planning easy for both the doctor and care manager.
  • Doctors and care managers can be notified of any changes or cancellations, to ensure timely action.

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