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AxisCare is a Home Care Software that is designed for non-medical Private Duty and Medicaid agencies. Your workflow can be improved, billing & payroll can be simplified, and you will have full reporting abilities. It is a web-based scheduling and management software that help to manage and grow agencies with confidence. AxisCare is a flexible and easy-to-use scheduling software in the home care industry. The Family Portal allows the families to stay abreast and active in their loved ones care. Billing & Invoicing, Care Plan Management, Caregiver Scheduling, Client Management, Electronic Signature, Mobile Access, Patient Records Management, Payroll Management, Scheduling and Time Tracking by Client are main features of AxisCare.
MatrixCare Home Health & Hospice
MatrixCare Home Health & Hospice is a Home Care Software that is designed to maximize documentation accuracy, efficiency and compliance for home based care. Software solutions is provided in out-of-hospital care settings. The provider efficiencies can be improved and a better quality of life can be promoted for the people they serve. MatrixCare Home Health & Hospice helps providers connect across the care continuum to optimize the outcomes. Billing & Invoicing, Care Plan Management, Caregiver Scheduling, Client Management, HIPAA Compliant, Insurance Management, Mobile Access and Payroll Management are main features of MatrixCare Home Health & Hospice.
Alora Home Health
Alora Home Health is a Home Care Software that can be used by skilled as well as non-skilled care to simplify the way they deliver and manage the work flow of home health care. The software can be optimized for all devices, including smartphones. Easy documentation can be offered for all disciplines. All payers including Medicaid in any state, Medicare, and Insurance can be processed. Multiple offices or business lines can be handled at a time by using Alora Home Health. Billing & Invoicing, Care Plan Management, Caregiver Scheduling, Claims Management, Client Management, Compliance Management, Electronic Signature, Insurance Management, Mobile Access, Patient Records Management, Payroll Management, Scheduling and Time Tracking by Client are main features of Alora Home Health.

Home Care Software:

Home Care Software is a software is used by all healthcare providers including Doctors, Clinics, Hospitals, Home healthcare, Labs and Pharmacy to streamlines home health care agency management, patient care management, and therapy and rehabilitative service coordination.
Both skilled and non-skilled medical staffs, and short-term as well as long-term care can be provided to patients within the comfort of their own home by the home health care agencies and service providers. Home health care software can be leveraged by registered nurses, rehabilitative therapists, home aides, medical social workers, and case workers to coordinate business operations, centralize processes and workflows, optimize scheduling and caregiving duties, and simplify claims and insurance billing.

Features and Benefits of Home Care Software:

The Home Care Software has several features that can benefit the user in many ways to grow their business. Some of these include:

  • The services of aides, nurses, and other health care professionals can be co-ordinated with the need of clients.
  • Scheduling, communication, documentation, and/or patient records management can be optimized.
  • The delivery of care to homebound patients can be streamlined.
  • Caregivers can securely access client profile data, verify visits at the point of care, communicate in real time, view scheduled tasks and get directions to client homes anytime, anywhere by integrating the software with Home Care mobile app for iOS and Android.
  • Real time data can be viewed to make informed decisions and easily track client census and referrals.
  • Schedules can be managed in real time by easily viewing and reassigning tasks.
  • Qualified caregivers can be matched to clients' needs and preferences for quick and easy shift fulfillment.
  • Document visit information at the point of care can be provided with real time access to client care plans.
  • The processes can be easily managed from intake to billing with our fully integrated solution.
  • Tasks can be viewed and reassigned in the easy-to-use schedule center.
  • Convenient access to the most relevant scheduling information is provided by quick details.
  • On the spot adjustments can be made with drag and drop functionality.
  • Scheduling options can be assisted with efficient and strategic scheduling, which helps entire care periods to be covered.
  • Employee and client schedules can be viewed through your choice of monthly, weekly or daily calendars.
  • Maximum visibility can be provided to important visit information, meeting compliance while streamlining your operations.
  • The right caregivers can be scheduled with intuitive matching functionality. Preferences for both clients and caregivers can be customized. Qualified, available caregivers are matched based on client needs, caregiver skill level, compatibility and more.
  • You can grow your business with electronic claims submission to get paid faster.
  • Operations can be streamlined with the ability to seamlessly document a full range of care plans, assessments, visit notes, and orders.
  • Costs can be reduced with user-friendly human resource management tools that reduce paper costs.
  • Compliance can be ensured with our cloud-based, easy-to-use solution where real-time updates and data can be provided to help you work smarter.
  • Outcomes can be improved with comprehensive assessment that enables clinicians to easily document multiple body systems throughout extended care shifts.
  • Shifts can be scheduled and managed in real time. Employee schedule center can be utilized to delegate tasks.
  • Payroll can be completed and payroll summary reports can be generated.
  • Claims can be monitored using robust financial reports.

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