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mHelpDesk is a powerful Home Inspection Solution for your business, that automate everything from first customer contact to getting paid. Mobile and online tools can be provided that are unmatched in performance, reliability, and functionality. You can keep track of your estimates and appointments as well as send out text message alerts for new leads. All the open tickets of issues across the state can be easily tracked. Access Controls/Permissions, Add & Edit Photos, Alerts/Notifications, Appointment Scheduling, Asset Tracking, Automated Quoting, Automated Scheduling, Automatic Time Capture, Billing & Invoicing, Business Process Automation, Calendar Management, Calendar Sync, Calibration Management, Cataloging/Categorization and Client Management are main features of mHelpDesk.
Jobber is a Home Inspection Software that help keeping your home inspection jobs on track. Jobs can be scheduled more efficiently, routes can be optimized, and quotes and invoices can be send by text. The job details can be provided to your team. You can view where they are, and get notified when a job is done. Automatic payment reminders can be send and payments can be taken instantly in-person, online within 24 hours. Payments can also be taken automatically every month. Jobber helps save time with a mobile app, free training, and simple setup.
Spectora is a modern home inspection software and marketing solution which is both Mac/iOS & Android/PC friendly. Technology is utilized to be more efficient, produce elegant reports, and grow your business. It is a quick learning curve that help manage your agent and customer outreach. Personalized advice can be provided by the agency-class marketing support on how to increase your SEO and online presence to get more agent referrals and customer leads. Add & Edit Photos, Comment Library, Commercial Inspections, Payment Processing, Repair Estimates, Report Summary, Residential Inspections, Templates and Video Support are main features of Spectora.

Home Inspection Software:

Home Inspection Software is a software that is used by by property inspectors to simplify the capturing and collection of inspection data.
It helps property inspectors in creating and sending housing reports including inspection checklists, important notes, tips, and housing conditions. Generally the property inspectors examine properties physically, write up pre-inspection contractual agreements, and then a comprehensive reports are genertaed based on their findings.
A home inspection software can be used to simplify these process as it is capable of creating and generating these inspection reports automatically.
The software can be used on mobile devices which provides great benefits to the inspectors and the on-the-go nature of the inspection industry. Some home inspection software are specifically tailored to residential or commercial property types, while flexible functionality can also be offered by some other software that can be tweaked to any type of property that an inspection company examines.

Features and Benefits of Home Inspection Software:

The Home Inspection Software has several features that can benefit the user in many ways to grow their business. Some of these include:

  • Inspection reports can be created and generated. The comprehensiveness and editability of those reports varies based on products.
  • The uploading of comments, recommendations, and visuals on structural elements of properties can be facilitated.
  • Home inspection workflows can be automated.
  • Reports can be produced for Residential, Commercial, Multi-family, Safety, State Pest Forms, Wind Mitigation Forms, Contractor Bid/Proposal, HUD Forms, Warranty Qualifier inspections and Work Write-ups for bidding by using in-built templates. However, you can also create your own templates and custom inspection checklists.
  • Home inspection report writing software can be integrated with various business tools and automation which will help home inspectors to grow their business through online channels and real estate agent referrals.
  • A quick and easy-to-use report writer can be included, using which helpful home inspection reports can be generated. A beautiful, image centric home inspection report is a breeze to create and easy to navigate.
  • Home inspection reports can be provided with a clean layout, photos, embedded video, easy navigation and automated summaries which are interactive.
  • With easy navigation, in-report template updating, and a focus on on-site report writing, you can complete home inspections faster and save your time every day.
  • Every repeat task in your business, includes online scheduling, inspection reminders, online payment and agreement acceptance can be automated by the software.
  • You can collect reviews and stay top-of-mind with agents long after every inspection with the help of automated follow-ups.
  • You will be able to create modern reports, schedule online, and automate your back-office with intuitive interface provided by home inspector software.
  • Video can be recorded directly or inserted from your camera to the desktop app.
  • Photos are automatically slotted as you add them all at once.
  • It helps you find narratives instantly by search option.
  • You will be able to draw circles, arrows, lines, etc and do text overlays directly on mobile.
  • You can review with clients on site with a photo/video slideshow and list of all summary comments.
  • Your work can be reviewed on a large screen before sending the report out.

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