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Hospital & Medical Equipment:

Hospital & Medical Equipment are part of the medical device which is used to ensure better healthcare service in hospitals, clinics, and community centers. Hospital equipment are used for effective operations by nurses, doctors and paramedics to perform their work properly in saving lives. These equipment benefit patients by helping health care providers diagnose and treat patients and helping patients overcome sickness or disease, thereby improving their quality of life. Medical equipment must be safe and effective. Therefore these should come with reasonable assurance before regulating governments allow marketing of the device in their country. There should be proper testing required to establish safety and efficacy of these equipment. Medical equipment,  is used in the diagnosis, monitoring or treatment of medical conditions.

Types Of Medical Equipment:

The basic types of Medical Equipment include:

Diagnostic Equipment:
These includes medical imaging machines, used to aid in diagnosis. Examples of such equipment are ultrasound and MRI machines, PET and CT scanners, and x-ray machines.

Treatment Equipment:
These includes infusion pumps, medical lasers and LASIK surgical machines.

Life support Equipment:
This is used to maintain a patient's bodily function. This includes medical ventilators, anaesthetic machines, heart-lung machines, incubators, ECMO, and dialysis machines.

Medical Monitors:
These allow medical staff to measure a patient's medical state. Monitors can measure vital signs of a patient and other parameters such as ECG, EEG, and blood pressure.

Medical Laboratory Equipment:
This automates or helps analyze blood, urine, genes, and dissolved gases in the blood.

Diagnostic Medical Equipment:
This may also be used in the home for certain purposes, e.g. for the control of diabetes mellitus.

This include physical therapy machines like continuous passive range of motion (CPM) machines.

Following are the basic medical equipment that all hospital would require :

  •     Hospital Stretchers.
  •     Defibrillators.
  •     Anesthesia Machines.
  •     Patient Monitors.
  •     Sterilizers.
  •     EKG/ECG Machines.
  •     Surgical Tables.
  •     Blanket and Fluid Warmers.

The basic medical tools that all hospital would require are:
Sphygmomanometer: To measure the patient's blood pressure.
Stethoscope: It is used to hear sounds from movements within the body like breath sounds, heart beats, intestinal movement, etc.
Suction Device: To suck up blood or secretions.
Thermometer: To record body temperature.

Medical Equipment range from simple, low-risk devices such as tongue depressors, medical thermometers, disposable gloves, and bedpans to complex, high-risk devices that are implanted and sustain life. There are three classes of medical devices that include:
Low-risk devices:  that include bandages, handheld surgical instruments, and nonelectric wheelchairs.
Intermediate-risk devices: that include powered wheelchairs and some pregnancy test kits
High-risk devices: that are very important to health or sustaining life that include implantable pacemakers and breast implants.

The most common surgical instruments are scalpels, forceps, scissors, retractors, and clamps. However, certain surgical procedures requires a more specialized set of instruments. For example, files, drills, bone saws  and mallets are commonly utilized in orthopedic surgery.

Surgical scissors are used for cutting in surgeries. They include bandage scissors, iris scissors, operating scissors, stitch scissors, dissecting scissors, tenotomy scissors, Metzenbaum scissors, plastic surgery scissors, and Mayo scissors.

Medical equipment that must be replaced every three to five years include CT scanners, MRI machines, and anesthesia machines.

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