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Hydraulic Generator:

Hydraulic Generator can convert the hydraulic power of a mobile machine, vehicle or vessel into high quality electricity for all AC-powered electric appliances by using a hydraulic motor.

Some facts about Hydraulic Generator:


  • The large, heavy, gas or diesel motor found on traditional generators can be replaced by a hydraulic motor to produces electricity for all AC-powered appliances.
  • A hydraulic generator is 50 percent lighter and smaller, always ready for use, production of noise is less, more reliable, virtually maintenance-free and there is no pollution or carbon exhaust.
  • It can be easy installed on all hydraulic systems and helps save time, space and resources.
  • Energy is transferred to the hydraulic generator through the hydraulic fluid using the existing on-board power train.
  • Hydraulic generator can be put anywhere as it is not limited by big diesel or gas engines, drive shafts or drive belts.
  • The need and the cost for remotely mounted valves, manifolds and hoses can be eliminated by using hydraulic generators.
  • The hydraulic power of a working machine can be converted into high quality electricity with great efficiency which is suitable for all electric equipment from small devices to heavy work tools.
  • The generator can be installed on many kinds of machines, at any size because of its compact size.
  • Electricity can be produced anytime during everyday work which makes the cost per kVA very reasonable.
  • Reliable start, independence of extra fuel, long-running life and great durability are some of the advantages of hydraulic generator.
  • The quality of electricity stays constant, because of the automatic speed control valve and vibration-free running.
  • The generator can be easily and safely assembled in any hydraulic system.
  • It has the ability to powers up even a large electric motor without any problem and guarantees high quality electricity is always available.
  • A hydraulic generator is half the weight and size when compared to a combustion engine driven generator unit of the same output level.
  • The hydraulic power is converted into mechanical power and then mechanical power into air power by a hydraulic air compressor.
  • A hydraulic pump pushes hydraulic fluid into a hydraulic motor, forcing it to spin to convert hydraulic into mechanical power. A belt or direct-drive is used to connect this spinning motor to an air compressor, which in turn powers the air compressor system and converts mechanical power into air power.
  • The core components of any hydraulic air compressor set up include a Hydraulic Pump that pushes hydraulic fluid through the system; a Manifold that controls the flow of hydraulic fluid to the motor; a Hydraulic Motor that forced to rotate by the hydraulic fluid; an Air Compressor that is powered by the hydraulic motor and a Cooler or Reservoir to which hydraulic fluid returns from the motor to the cooler, then reservoir tank.
  • A new, separate compressor engine is not required for a hydraulic air compressor. These are transferable between vehicles with similar hydraulics.
  • Hydraulic oil flow is led to the integrated hydraulic motor of hydraulic generator through the pressure line where the hydraulic generator converts the hydraulic oil flow and pressure into electricity and the hydraulic oil is led back to hydraulic oil tank of carrier machine through the return line

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