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Income Tax Filing Services:

Income Tax Filing Services provides the easiest and the fastest way to e-file your Income tax return. Usually they keep all Your information safe and secure with data encryption. Their experts ensure complete compliance of their platform with return-filing calculations as per relevant tax rules and also keep everything confidential. All you need to do is to send your income documents to them & they will take care of rest of the Filing.
A tax return form consists pf many forms filed with a tax authority that provides the income, expenses, and other pertinent tax information of an individual. A taxpayer will be able to calculate his/her tax liability, schedule tax payments, or request refunds for the over payment of taxes by tax return. For an individual or business necessary to file income tax with all income every year, including wages, interest, dividends, capital gains, or other profits. You can file a tax return by filling it out yourself manually or by using a tax software program. You can also do it by hiring a tax preparer or accountant who will file it on your behalf after collecting the required information from you.

Sections of a Tax Return:

The three major sections of tax return are income, deductions and tax credits.
The income section of a tax return consist of all sources of income where you can report your income. A W-2 form is the most common method of reporting your income. Source of income like wages, dividends, royalties, self-employment income and capital gains must also be reported.
Deductions is the section where you can determine your deductions that will help decrease tax liability. Contributions to retirement savings plans, alimony paid, and interest deductions on some loans are some of the example of tax deduction. Most expenses directly related to business operations are deductible for businesses. The taxpayer can determine their tax rate on their adjusted gross income (AGI) after subtraction of all deductions is completed.
Tax Credits:
Tax credits are amounts that offset tax liabilities that usually include credits attributed to the care of dependent children and seniors, education, pensions, and many more. The amount the taxpayer owes in taxes or the amount of tax over payment is determined after reporting income, deductions, and credits. If the tax payer is eligible for any overpaid taxes, that may be refunded or rolled into the next tax year.

Benefits of Hiring Income Tax Filing Services:

  • The Income Tax Filing Services ensure their work for you in every step of the filling that include preparation, filing, assessment, scrutiny, liaison, rectification or refund.
  • They keep your records secure & confidential. So, there is no requirement to maintain separate tax file by you. But, you are always organized and up to date.
  • They use secure servers that are locked down and guarded by encrypting all data and keeps automatically back up of all your valuable data.
  • A complete solutions will be provided for you including reconciliation of ITR data with 26AS, e-filing of ITR1, ITR2 & ITR4, TDS & GST compliance, professional assistance for tax filing and tax planning, bookkeeping and audit services.

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