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PICC Software
PICC Software is an innovation portfolio management software which is based on a scientific approach and offers the best ideation and innovation results. A problem/solution approach can be used to recommend incremental or disruptive innovation projects and to increase the number of marketable products. Yu can manage your innovation process from end to end, efficiently and profitably by using PICC Software. You will be able to solve complex problems, reveal new insights, increase productivity, generate more profits, and reduce costs in all your processes. Actionable knowledge can be accessed in any language by analyzing experience feedbacks and data. Your innovation process can be speed up to generate more Ideas and patentable innovations.
Canny is an Innovation Software that can be used to capture, organize, and analyze user feedback in one place to inform your product decisions. Feedback and feature requests can be scored based on priority. You can add them to your roadmap and integrate with project management tools like Jira. You can see which features are most requested as feedback can be filtered by segment and impact, and use cases up front can be clarified. Ideas can not slip through the cracks as feedback and feature requests can be collected, analyzed, and organized in a dedicated customer feedback tool. Feedback can be analyzed to see what is most impactful.
Zigtal is a collaboration and engagement platform that can be used to increase employee productivity, employee engagement and brand, collaboration, learning efficiency and build capabilities of your organization. Collective Intelligence of your organization can be unlocked by being adaptive collaborative and Innovative. Productivity and learning efficiency can be improved through strategic skill advancement. Career progress can be promoted with collaborative learning and easy access to industry experts. You can encourage a culture of innovation in your workforce and transform your organization. Your workforce can be made future ready and your employee experience can be improved with the innovative and interactive platform of Zigta. Expert Box, Digital Hours with leaders, Mentor box, outcome led engagement model, Governance and reporting are some of the key features of Zigtal

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