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Ameyo is an Omnichannel Customer Engagement Software that can be used by enterprises to deliver omnichannel customer experience. The supervisors can easily monitor remote Agent KPIs in real time and the Agents can manage inbound and outbound calls over PSTN or WebRTC just from a Smartphone with Ameyo Mobile Agent App. Predictive Dialers, CTI integration, Callbacks, Dispositions are some of the Mobile App features. The software is available both on Cloud and On-premise. An unprecedented customer journeys can be created with customized IVR scripts, menus, and options. It can be ensured that IVR scripts align with the core messaging of your brand and the routing flows take customers to the right agents through smart IVR system optimization.
Newfies-Dialer is an SMS and Voice Broadcasting auto-dialer solution for flexible outbound IVR that can be used for marketing, market research, opinion polls and voting. call billing for telcos who want to sell voice broadcasting as a service to their customers can be included in the software. Voice messages and reminders can be send to thousands or millions of contacts at high speed. Interactive voice apps can be build using recordings or using TTS for a more personal touch. Text Broadcasts can be used to send marketing messages, alerts, promotions and updates. You can leave a voicemail message right after the beep and move straight on to the next call which saves a lot of time. Your message to each contact can be personalized using text-to-speech in different languages.
RepZio is a mobile Business to Business sales solution that allows you to bring your products with you no matter where you are, with or without internet access. You will be able to view all of your products, customers, complete order histories, conduct inventories and sell/share your products from anywhere. Sales Reps can access RepZio on any connected device with the revolutionary web app. You can manage your business anywhere, anytime, on any device. Channel Management, Content Delivery, Content Management, Customer Database, Field Sales Management, For Sales Teams/Organizations, Performance Metrics, Presentation Tools, Proposal Generation, Proposal Management and Territory Management are some of the features that can be included in RepZio.

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