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Bloomreach Experience Manager
Bloomreach Experience Manager is Java based, API-first content management system with a modular architecture that helps businesses in retail, manufacturing, distribution, hospitality, transportation and other industries to create, manage, share, and edit content. It can be easily integrated with other critical enterprise solutions and the content can be reused. Bloomreach supports full page rendering, Single Page Applications, and headless delivery to mobile and IoT devices with flexible delivery options. Also the drag and drop editing tools needed by the marketers can be provided. Access Controls/Permissions, Activity Dashboard, Alerts/Notifications, Analytics, API, Approval Process Control, Brand Management, Collaboration Tools, Configurable Workflow, Content Management, Customizable Templates, Digital Asset Management, Document Management, Full Text Search and Image Editing some of the features that can be included in Bloomreach Experience Manager.
Magnolia is a Java based CMS that can be used by organizations for a modern, modular approach to content management. High scalability and integration is supported because of its API first architecture and great ease of use for experience management. Data can be connected from any source and content can be managed in any form as well as published to any device. Marketers will be able to work faster because of its powerful and intuitive editing interface. Developers will enjoy a lightweight and flexible solution. Maximum reliability, high speed project implementation and exceptional omnichannel experiences can be provided by using Magnolia.
Jahia is a java based Agile Digital Experience Platform that will help you bringing together your different user communities such as developers, marketers, end users. It is the intersection of an enterprise grade platform including a CMS and CDP with the flexibility to plug in to your best of breed products. The security and scalability required by an enterprise can be included. An out of the Box capabilities and modern APIs needed for a broad range of projects can also be included in the software. It is a a new level of usability to empower content contributors. It is easy to use for end users and is better targeted for medium to large projects. Java development Framework is efficient and can be easily integrated with other enterprise products.

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