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Zoho Recruit is a cloud based applicant tracking system that can be used by staffing agencies, corporate HRs and temporary workforce to provide diverse, end-to-end hiring solutions. Candidates can be instantly searched with the powerful Source Boosters provided by the software. Safe, compliant, and inclusive hiring practices can be maintained with background screening functionality. Informed hiring decisions can be made based on comprehensive view of candidate statuses. Job application process can be simplified by auto-filling information from their LinkedIn profiles. You can keep your teammates on the same page by creating a blueprint that prompts users. Formatted resumes can be generated for your candidates with your company logo and more.
TurboHire is an AI-powered job board software that utilizes automation and machine learning so that the entire recruitment process can be streamlined. The end-to-end hiring workflow including automated job marketing on major job boards, intelligent evaluation of candidate profiles, coordination with hiring managers and candidates, interview scheduling, video interviewing and coding editor platform can be integrated on a single platform. Data-centric insights can be generated to source, screen and assess candidates. High quality live and one-way interviews can be scheduled and conducted to understand your candidates before making hiring decisions. All stakeholders can be engaged, a track of talent pipeline can be kept and insightful hiring reports can be generated on the same platform.
Madgex is a job board software that can be used by professional associations and publishers to operate a high performing job board platform that perfectly represents their brand. The software will help boost engagement, provide deeper insight and drive more value. The full potential of your job board can be realized and more revenue can be generated. The best data security possible can be provided. A valuable relationships can be buid that help you and your audience go further, together by using Madgex. You can have access to invaluable insight into industry trends and benefit because of sophisticated AI features and data insights provided by the software. This will help facilitate smarter interactions with your audience and unlock more value.

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