Katarni Rice

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Katarni rice is a unique tasting, aromatic, short grain rice grown in India, in the state of Bihar. Grown natively in the Bhagalpur and Banka districts, Katarni rice is not only in demand in Bihar, but throughout the country. It is a short grain rice highly demanded in market due to its uniqueness.There are varieties of Katarni rice available online including Premium Katarni Steamed Rice,White Katarni Basmati Rice, Bhagalpur Basmati Katarni Rice, Arwa Katarni Rice. You can buy Katarni rice online at best prices and offers. Buy Katarni rice in whole sale price if you want in bulk amount.

Health Benefits of Katarni Rice
Katarni rice contains proteins, carbohydrates and fibre. It is a good source of some vitamins and minerals. It is very healthy among rice as low in calories and fat.

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