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Harbhajan Singh & Co.

305 INDUSTRIAL FOCAL POINT AMRITSAR (PUNJAB), Amritsar, Punjab, 143001, India



Harbhajan Singh & Co.

305 INDUSTRIAL FOCAL POINT AMRITSAR (PUNJAB), Amritsar, Punjab, 143001, India

Industrial Solventless Lamination Rubber Roller

Industrial Solventless Lamination Rubber Roller
Price : Rs 12000 / Piece

Anar Rub Tech Pvt. Ltd.

7, Panchal Industrial Estate, Near S.B.I., Bapunagar, Ahmedabad , Gujarat, India - 380024., 7, Panchal Industrial Estate, Near S.B.I., Bapunagar, Ahmedabad , Gujarat, India - 380024., Ahmedabad, Gujarat, 380024, India

Lamination Machines:

Lamination is the process of manufacturing a material in multiple layers using  differing materials, such as plastic. A laminate is a permanently assembled object created using heat, pressure, welding, or gluing. Lamination machines help to protect, preserve and enhance documents of all shapes and sizes with thin films of plastic. These are simple and easy to operate as well. These machines prevent all your documents or certificates from moisture and environmental damages. Some machines can add colors and contrast to the print and give your project a smooth finish. The primary purpose of laminating with such a machine is to embellish or protect printed documents or images.

Types of Lamination Machines:

Lamination machines are categorized under different types. Some of them include:
Hot laminators:
Hot laminators are ideal for coating items that are not affected by heat. These provide high-quality lamination. It uses heated rollers to melt glue extruded onto lamination film. This film is in turn applied to a substrate such as paper or card using pressure rollers. Such laminators are used to apply varying thicknesses of lamination film onto substrates such as paper or fabrics. The main advantage to the use of hot laminators is that of speed. Heated laminators use heated rollers or heated shoes to melt the glue which is applied to lamination film. The process of heating the glue prior to applying the film to a substrate allows for a faster application of the film. The laminates and adhesives used are generally cheaper to manufacture than cold roll laminates.
As the materials are non-adhesive until exposed to heat, they are much easier to handle.
Cold laminators:
Cold laminators do not involve heat and come with self-adhesive laminating rolls and pouches. They are sometimes used for temporary laminations. These are basically used for prints that might be sensitive to heat like carbon copies or ink jet prints.
Roll laminators:
Roll laminators are helpful in coating large documents. Roll laminators typically use two rolls to complete the lamination process, with one roll being on top and the other roll on the bottom. These rolls slide onto metal bars, known as mandrels, which are then placed in the machine and feed through it. They are versatile and ideal for coating maps, banners and large projects with much ease. This type is a preferred choice by most schools and organizations.
Pouch laminators:
A pouch laminator uses a lamination pouch that is usually sealed on one side. The inside of the lamination pouch is coated with a heat-activated film that adheres to the product being laminated as it runs through the laminator. The substrate side of the board contains a heat-activated adhesive that bonds the print to the substrate. This can be any of a number of board products or another sheet of laminate. The pouch containing the print, laminate, and substrate is passed through a set of heated rollers under pressure, ensuring that all adhesive layers bond to one another.
Pouch laminators come in large sizes and are ideal for posters, legal size papers and menu size laminating. These are the cost-effective and user-friendly models to suit all your laminating needs. Pouch models are a perfect for any home, office, school and professional shops. They come with 2 rollers, 4 rollers or sometimes even with 6 roller systems. The adjustable pouch machines keep your documents perfectly aligned. Some of them have countdown timers and audible beep indicators. This  machine is an effective option if you want to laminate small documents like index cards.
Almost all machines use rollers to eliminate air bubbles, to ensure secure adhesion and to perfectly move the laminated documents through the machine. Some laminators come with variable temperature control that allows you to adjust the heat level based on the laminating covers. Some models feature auto shut-off to prevent overheating and some lamination machines come with auto-shut off feature that help conserve energy.

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