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PactCentral is a dependable platform that can be used for broad enterprise data sharing environments such as M&A, IPO's, Fund Raising, Bankruptcy, Board Matters, Audits, Reporting and more to securely store and exchange confidential documents. Files can be securely stored and shared with external parties anytime, anywhere on a dependable Azure cloud platform and your productivity can be improved with this intuitive and affordable Virtual Data Room. Multiple projects can be managed and files can be accessed through a browser with just one click in one platform. Value added features such as redact and unredact, e-sign, advanced search, in-app messaging, PDF converter and trackers can be included in the software.
Email Manager for Microsoft 365
Email Manager for Microsoft 365 is a Legal Document Management Software that can be used by law firms and legal departments to utilize SharePoint as their legal DMS. Your SharePoint and Microsoft 365 can be integrated with this software so that emails can be seamlessly saved and classified for increased governance, productivity, and collaboration. Metadata extraction and labeling in line can be automated and customized with corporate policies or industry regulations. You can easily file emails and attachments to SharePoint or Teams on-the-go, from any device. You will be able to easily collaborate with your team and boost productivity and efficiency. A comprehensive email and document management solutions can be provided to easily extend SharePoint as a legal DMS, efficiently classifying and accessing electronic client matter, from Office documents, images, PDFs, emails, and attachments.
Process Street
Process Street is a Legal Document Management Software that can be used by law firms and legal departments to efficiently manage recurring workflows by automating the process. You can saves time, money, and headaches by automating your legal processes including automating the legal contract process, as well as employee and client onboarding. Flexible checklists can be easily build and customized that make organization and team collaboration a breeze. Text, photos, videos, 1,000+ app integrations, conditional logic, task assignments, and approval processes can be included as needed. Business Process Automation, Business Process Control, Calendar Management, Change Management, Collaboration Tools, Communication Management, Complaint Management, Compliance Management, Compliance Tracking and Content Management are some of the features that can be included in Process Street.

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