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CreditOnline is a professional loan business management software which is simple, fast and cost effective. It can be used to expand your services portfolio and client base. It has the ability to meet the needs of businesses of any size as it can be easily integrated with other solutions for banks, large financial corporations, alternative lenders as well as retail shops. The standard requirements of ISO 9001 Quality management and ISO/IEC 27001 Information security management can be met. More than a million loans a month can be served with very little human intervention with automation. Client onboarding, underwriting, fund disbursement, document generation, communication and fund collection processes can be automated.
Crowdsofts is a crowdfunding platform that can provide quality crowdfunding service by end to end intelligent automation of crowdlending and crowdfunding process. It can be customized to suit your specific business needs and requirements. Overall project costs can be saved with highly scalable and robust portal. Your workflows can be automated and you can take control of your crowdfunding strategy. You can get in touch with our multi-lingual and multi-channel support anytime. Compliance can be ensured with European KYC and AML regulations. Funds can be received securely, loans can be managed and all your payments can be tracked in real time.
Axe Credit Portal
Axe Credit Portal is a professional loan servicing software that can focus on credit automation for banks. Your corporate credit risk management performance can be enhanced by effectively automating and managing credit approval and follow up processes. Higher volumes of credit can be handled with improved speed, efficiency and lower risk. Risk can be monitored and managed to identify bottlenecks. Critical tasks can be automatically controlled to avoid losses staff absences. Overall control on all credit related statistics and processes can be enhanced by business Intelligence module. Credits risk ratings can be accurately assessed and regulatory compliance can be checked. Customer service and response time can be enhanced by attracting new customers and retaining existing ones

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