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Ambra Health
Ambra Health is a cloud based medical image management suite that is designed to serve as the backbone of imaging innovation and progress for healthcare providers. The software comes with image storage, exchange, viewing, and EHR integration. It can be used by large hospital systems, medical groups, imaging centers, clinical research organizations, and health information exchanges to significantly improve medical imaging. Audit Trail, Automated Routing, Comparison View, Compliance Management, Data Compression, Data Import/Export, Diagnostic Tools, EDI, EHR-Agnostic, EMR HL7 Bridge, Health Record Access, HIPAA Compliant, HL7 Support, Image Analysis and Image Management are some of the features that can be included in Ambra Health.
Dicom Systems
Dicom Systems is an enterprise imaging solutions that simplify IT workflows and interoperability. Functionality such as intelligent routing, HTTPS-based DICOM, and HL7 integration tools, DICOM Modality Worklist, archiving, and de-identification through on-premises, private cloud, and leading cloud providers can be delivered by this unifier platform. It can be used by imaging centers, large hospitals, medical groups, radiology and teleradiology groups, CROs, academic medical centers, children's hospitals, and artificial intelligence developers. Audit Trail, Automated Routing, Data Import/Export, EMR HL7 Bridge, PACS Integration and Workflow Management are some of the features that can be included in Dicom Systems.
ProtonPACS is a PACS solution with storage, viewing and voice recognition features. Downtime can be eliminated and workflow efficiency can be increased by using ProtonPACS. Time can be saved as patient reports can be put directly to its charts. ProtonPACS can customize your existing system.The software is suitable for orthopaedic practices, radiology practices, small to medium sized hospitals. Audit Trail, Automated Routing, Billing & Invoicing, Comparison View, Data Compression, Data Import/Export, Diagnostic Tools, HL7 Support, Image Analysis, Image Fusion, Image Management, Mobile Access, Non-DICOM Imaging Support, PACS Integration and Patient Portal are some of the features that can be included in ProtonPACS.

Medical Imaging Software:

Medical Imaging Software is a software that is used by medical professionals to track, manipulate, archive and manage images of patient and administrative workflow.
Acquiring, storing, retrieving and sharing medical images can be done by using this software.

Features and Benefits of Medical Imaging Software:

The Medical Imaging Software has several features that can benefit the user in many ways to grow their business. Some of these include:

  • Operational cost can be decreased and the quality and value of patient care can be improved by using Medical Imaging Software.
  • Medical professionals can not only perform various activities related to patient images but also can incorporate them in administrative workflow for increased efficiency with the capabilities of medical image processing software.
  • Images can be tracked and related information can be shared on-the-go by the healthcare providers. Images can also be archived, manipulated and managed within unbroken medical admin routine.  
  • The software can be used in Hospitals, Diagnostic Centers, Ambulatory Surgical Centers, Academic and Research Centers.
  • Diagnostic information on medical conditions such as cancer, neurological, gynecological disorders, and cardiovascular diseases can be supplied. The need for surgery, hospital admissions, or prolonged hospital stay can be reduced by including such medical imaging procedures as CT, MRI, ultrasound, PET, and SPECT prior to making a treatment plan.
  • Certain features of an image can be enhanced and identified by this software.
  • The software can be used for viewing, storing, training and sharing medical data and amplifies efficiency of the chosen medical treatment.
  • 2D, 3D and 4D  imaging types can be included in medical image analysis software.
  • It can reduce operating costs, save time on administrative workflows and improve the outcomes and deliverables
  • The on-demand software can be brought to multiple devices enabling access in a single login environment without installing any additional software.
  • The need for USB/CDs, VPNs and paper filmless images can be eliminated as acquiring, storing, retrieving and sharing medical images can be done in the DICOM format.
  • The medical image analysis can be performed either manually and automatically through artificial neural networks. Deep learning algorithms can also be applied to evaluate images more effectively and bring higher automation into analysis.
  • The operation of the analysis of the medical image can be intensified and enhanced by medical image processing software.
  • Image Segmentation, Image Registration and Image Visualization can be included in Medical Image Processing Software.
  • Automatic or semi-automatic detection of boundaries within a 2D or 3D image can be ensured by Medical Image Segmentation.
  • Medical Image Registration software can be used as an assisting diagnosis tool and an application in guided therapy.
  • The limitations of conventional diagnosis can be overcomed by Medical Image Visualization software. The ease of image processing can be ensured and it enables healthcare providers to determine the quantitative characteristics of image properties and projective data.
  • The abnormalities can be identified, a means of surgical planning and evaluation can be provided by the image processing software.
  • The imaging infrastructure can be simplified on a consolidated platform by using the medical image management software.
  • The infrastructure costs can be saved and image flow can be improved as well as interoperability can be maximized by offering multiple image viewing options.
  • The medical images files can be accessed by consumers and providers across any device.
  • An effective solutions can be offered for managing patient images from any modality or workstation using special robot systems in compliance with existing regulations. It also enables any recipient to easily read or process the contained information.

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