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mymediset is a SAP add-on software which is a certified S/4 HANA cloud based solution for managing medical equipment, loaned medical kits, field and consignment inventory efficiently. Full visibility and control over your field and consignment inventory can be gained with mymediset's intelligent planning algorithms. Warehouse stock can be managed efficiently so that the right amount of medical equipment in your warehouse can be stored saving your money on unnecessary stock. mymediset can be adapted to make it easier to book and monitor orders for events such as trade fairs or training days. You can gain total transparency of cost and revenue with the seamless integration of asset management and inventory. You can order, track and manage loan kits anywhere and using any device.
CrelioHealth Inventory
CrelioHealth Inventory is an online platform specifically built to meet the needs and challenges of the Healthcare Diagnostic Industry. Suppliers, supplier payments and purchases can be managed with multiple workflows. Stock can be managed using store level and department level stock management feature with automatic stock consumption, data in real-time and more. Your suppliers can be managed in a single place with their contact and location details. Purchase orders can be generated for your suppliers with specified purchase units, quantity, material reference details. You can structure the system to manage stock in different departments, locations or tests based on your usage. Pre-defined consumption can be configured with every service item.
Hybrent is a cloud based ordering and inventory management system that can be integrated with most AP and clinical applications. It comes with barcoding to increase profitability, lower costs and provide cost-effective, quality patient care. Visibility can be gained into supply spend and use. Workflows can be streamlined by integrating with your EMR/AP systems. Your implants can be effortlessly managed with Bill and Replace. Barcode / Ticket Scanning, Barcoding/RFID, Cataloging/Categorization, Check-in/Check-out, Contract/License Management, Cost Tracking, Expiration Date Management, Fixed Asset Management, Forecasting, Inventory Management, Inventory Optimization, Inventory Tracking, Invoice Processing, Item Management and Kitting are some of the features that can be included in Hybrent.

Medical Inventory Software:

Medical Inventory Software is a software that is used by practices to check in patient, monitor electronic health records, and more.
Technical solutions can be provided for all of your major operational expenses.

Features and Benefits of Medical Inventory Software:

The Medical Inventory Software has several features that can benefit the user in many ways to grow their business. Some of these include:

  • Real time inventory visibility can be gained into stockrooms.
  • iPhones, Androids and tablets can be used to access real time inventory information anytime from anywhere.
  • Inventory levels and cash in inventory can be reduced.
  • Procurement costs can be reduced by eliminating PO paperwork/calls/faxes.
  • A consigned inventory model can be used with your medical supply distributor and can be tracked easily with eTurns TrackStock
  • Stockouts can be reduced or eliminated without having to order 'just-in-time' inventory.
  • Powerful analytics can be used to optimize your inventory.
  • Standard and customizable reports can be generated to pinpoint any transaction.
  • Inventory usage can be captured to increase accuracy of on-hand inventory requirements. Accuracy can be improved as there is no more paperwork errors.
  • The software can be integrated seamlessly with any other enterprise solutions.
  • Access can be gained anytime with zero IT footprint.
  • Usage across stockrooms can be tracked in a simple, accurate way.
  • Your inventory carrying costs and procurement costs can be reduced by automating the order process. You can monitor consumption using an iPhone, barcode scanner or sensor and replenish based on actual usage.
  • The software helps healthcare workers in reserving the items needed for a scheduled procedure using Requisitions Module.
  • Medical supply inventory management can be optimized. The inventory manager can get notification based on his/her settings, when a Lot will expire to make sure the stockroom doesn't run out of usable product.
  • Minimum and maximum levels can be calculated based on consumption. Expired inventory is minimized as the software learns the consumption patterns of organization and makes recommendations that optimize inventory levels.
  • The software helps you get GST compatible effortlessly as there is no more hassles of Additional CESS, Reverse charge, Place of Supply, E-Way bills.
  • Cash-In, Cash-Out, Cheques, Receivables/Payables, Total Stock Value, Payment Reminders and much more can be tracked on your mobile/desktop with the help of this software.
  • Customizable bills can be easily created, printed, shared through WhatsApp, Email etc. You can try many different Invoice themes, add logo, signatures, additional charges and much more.
  • Your business can be managed from anywhere even without internet with this software.
  • Individual units of an item can be tracked and controlled by their expiry dates, batch no etc to pick right ones for upcoming sales. Low stock alerts can also be provided by Billing and Stock Management.
  • Messages can be send on every transaction. You can also send Bulk SMS to all customers in one go which can save a lot of your business time and helps you market your business better.
  • Automatic payment reminders can be send to ensure payments are made quickly.
  • Estimates and order forms can be created in no time which are not just approximate but accurate and instant.
  • Your business performance can be evaluated effortlessly on a daily/monthly/yearly basis.
  • Profit or loss reports can be viewed and see which of your items is performing the best and when.
  • As automatic backups happen on your business data, you can always restore a file before it was changed or deleted.
  • The data remains offline and safe as it stays only on your device and none other than you can access your business data. Data will never goes online without your consent.
  • The software is compatible with almost all the types of printers.

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