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Advanced HIMS
Advanced HIMS is a a SaaS based fully integrated Digital Healthcare Platform that can be used by hospitals to achieve end-to-end automation of their patient journeys such as OP,IP,OT, Discharge, etc and provide the best patient treatment experience. Claims Management, E-Prescribing, EMR/EHR, HIPAA Compliant, Insurance Eligibility Verification, Inventory Management, Medical Billing, Multi-Location, Multi-Physician, Patient Intake, Patient Portal, Patient Records Management, Patient Scheduling and Physician Scheduling are some of the features that can be included in Advanced HIMS. Medical business operations can be streamlined and revenue can be maximized. Your medical software can be simplified and control of your practice can be maintained with Advanced HIMS.
Insta is a clinic and hospital management software that can be used to manage your practice with registration, billing, appointment scheduling, patient notifications, OP Consultation, IP-EMR, EMR View of medical records, diagnostics, Inventory and support for complex integrations using HL7/API technologies. There is no additional licensed software required for the operating system or database with Insta, which is a web and browser enabled software. Insta can be run on the cloud or as on-premise software. Its reliability, security, and ability can be ensured to scale to your needs through its multi-center capabilities. Your staff collaboration can also be easily improved with integrated access to data and better controls, thereby improving their productivity and leading to better clinical outcomes.
eHospital Systems
eHospital Systems is a customizable, and integrated Hospital Management System that can be used by Healthcare facilities, multi-specialty clinics, and medical practitioners to manage all aspects of a hospital operations such as medical, administrative, financial and legal processing. Your hospitals, satellite clinics, and medical stores can be interconnected with multi-Location functionality. The text, IM, and email reminders can be send through customizable alert software which help improve the quality of patient care. You can have all information regarding revenue streams, patient records, and other critical metrics in real time at your fingertips. Electronic sharing of patient records with other providers and medical applications is allowed and it will help you manage the overall health of patients.

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