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Robin is a workplace experience software to help you manage and optimize conference rooms in your office and put people before places. The software can be used by businesses of all sizes to successfully manage hybrid work by scheduling meetings, desks, and people. It can control who has access to specific desks or rooms, and when. Everyone knows what is available before arriving to the conference or meeting as the changes sync instantly. Everyone will be able to safely coordinate trips to the office and collaborate with their team again by using Robin. You can quickly see availability and who is in the office as well as book desks and spaces right from the interactive map that looks just like your office.
WorkInSync is a SaaS solution designed with a vision of helping organizations establish a hybrid work model. Employee safety can be ensured with WorkInSync. Office operations for different stakeholders can be optimized and simplified with flexibility, collaboration and productivity as its core values. Your team can be prepared and aligned across multiple locations, commuting woes can be reduced, and workplace safety can be enhanced by using WorkInSync. All bookings such as meeting rooms, desks, cafeteria seats, and parking spots can be managed by using a single dashboard. Time of employees can be saved by enabling them to book desks and meeting rooms in advance. It can be easily integrated with tools like HRMS, G-Suite, Outlook, and MS Teams.
Skedda is perfect for scheduling the shared spaces in a busy office like meeting rooms, desks, hot desks, conference rooms, company resources and presentation areas. It can be ensured that the spaces are booked fairly, privacy and accountability are upheld for each user, and double bookings can be avoided with Skedda. The hassle of manually managing the booking and scheduling of your meeting rooms, conference rooms and collaborative office spaces can be removed by automating it. Your space management problems can be solved forever by taking your booking processes online. Time and money can be saved by automating previously time consuming space management tasks.

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