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AppsFlyer: AppsFlyer is an attribution platform that enables marketers to attribute every app install to the marketing campaign and media source which drove it. It can be integrated with almost every marketing platform and media source that makes it easy to attribute every install to its source. The impact of your TV campaigns can be measured. A number of advanced technologies including real-time integrations with leading ad networks, universal deep linking, probabilistic modeling and secure postbacks for data sync can be utilized by mobile app attribution across thousands of integrated providers. It can be reported by granular dashboards which network or channel, ad type, ad group, and ad creative drove each user.
Everflow is a Performance Marketing Platform, that is used by modern marketers for managing all of their performance-driving partnerships and channels including affiliates, influencers, in-app publishers, as well as tracking every media buying channel. Partners can be provided with their dashboard and analytics as well as can be tracked. Analytics can be drill down to compare any data points. Features like powerful targeting, anti-fraud tools, and auto optimization can be provided. You can break down your data in real-time across any metric or data point and block all traffic from fraudulent and low-quality placements with Everflow.
Mobiz is a SMS marketing platform that can be used by enterprise retail, entertainment & financial services industries to elevate SMS marketing to become more powerful and customizable than email. The users build mobile landing page campaigns can be engaged, converted, and optimized customer communications. Hyper-personalized SMS landing pages can be send by the users to a segmented audience based on location, gender, demographics, language, buying behavior, account balance or set up custom filters with Mobiz. You will be able to boost engagements and build customer relationships, experience better engagement rates than email, send dynamically personalized content and offers based on your customer database.

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