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ERPAG is a cloud manufacturing software (MRP) and supply management chain software including features like multi-level bill of materials, supply chain forecasting, costing, estimating and quoting. It is an ideal software for manufacturers that supports Small Business, from start to end. You will be able to compare the stock against inventory in real time and get a missing quantity report. Purchase orders can be launched from the Bill of Material and purchase missing parts. Barcodes ready for label printing can be auto-generated. LOT or Batch series can be tracked with the ERPAG tracking engine and complete historical data overview with backtrack reporting can be provided. Time, labor and material and bottlenecks can be tackled.
TYASuite is a comprehensive production management software suite available as a cloud based application that helps you to plan, coordinate, and track your production process. Your production operations can be streamlined with cost-effectiveness from order creation to order fulfillment. It is a comprehensive production management software suite accessible anywhere. TYASuite manufacturing module provides real-time visibility into each step of the production process from sales order creation to order fulfillment, product costing, scheduling, and routing, enabling you to make better informed decisions. Your products will reach the market from any geographical location with an end-to-end production management software suite. A host of native collaboration functionalities can be provided that makes this technical specification accessible on a self-service basis across the business.
NutraSoft is an affordable, cloud based Nutrition Analysis Software that helps you calculate the nutritional facts of all your recipes and manages all operations related to the food and beverage industry. Unlimited nutrition facts labels can be created and printed from anywhere. Loss can be minimized, recipe costs can be analyzed and production costs can be reduced to increase productivity. Production sheets can be created for any desired quantity using your recipes and production calendars can be generated with NutraSoft. All customers, vendors (suppliers), invoices, sales orders, purchase orders, print cheques and account statements can be managed. All your technical documents can be made available to everyone with a simple click.

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