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Multifunction Printer:

Multifunction Printer is used by businesses to consolidate assets, reduce costs and improve workflow as the functionality of a printer, copier, scanner and/or fax can be consolidated into one machine.

Some facts about Multifunction Printer:

  • The need for a separate copier, fax machine, scanner and printer can be eliminated by using a Multifunction Printer as it combines all of these machines into one piece of equipment.
  • The initial cost on investing on a Multifunction Printer is low as the business has to purchase only one large MFP for each department or floor.
  • A lot of floor space can be saved.
  • The operation of MFP is faster than laser printers or other printers which is because of the multitasking nature of the printer.
  • Faxes can be send, documents can be printed, images and copy can be scanned all at the same time by some MFPs.
  • Many multifunction printers come with black ink printing capabilities only as the scanner, copier and printer use the same ink or laser reservoirs, which is difficult to use with color ink.
  • Power consumption and maintainance cost is high for a MFP.
  • The ink for multifunction printers will be used faster than other machines because the ink will be used by printer, faxing and copying purpose.
  • The printing, faxing, scanning and copying can not be performed when the MFP breaks down which can be a problem for businesses that have a lot of printing, faxing and copying requirements.
  • The tasks stack up in a queue can take more time to get through depending on the speed of the machine, the length of the tasks and how many people share the machine as MFP operates on the first in, first out rule.
  • The costs for printing and imaging can be managed and controlled by a wisely choosen multifunction printer. Also new capabilities can be added to your organization.
  • The multifunction printer system that you choose should be easily integrated with your existing network. Consider buying a wireless, or WiFi, multifunction printer if your workgroup needs to print from multiple, distributed devices to one easily accessible location.
  • Easy mobile printing, without unsightly cords to trip over as WiFi multifunction printers can be connected to a network without needing to be hard-wired or cabled into that network.
  • It should have intuitive user interfaces.
  • It is easy to work from anywhere by using mobile and cloud connected multifunction printers.
  • Print job and device status capabilities from the desktop and the ability to view all job queues at the device and across the network should be there in a multifunctional printer as solid bi-directional communication is essential to keeping a product running consistently both at the multifunction printer and across the network.
  • All your data can be kept securely by choosing multifunction printers that have industry standards for intrusion prevention, device detection and data encryption.
  • Duplicate and cumbersome document processes can be streamlined and your paper documents can be electronically organized, edited and archived by using multifunction printers.
  • Paper documents can be turned into electronic formats and send to multiple destinations including email, cloud-based document repositories, network folders, remote printers, back-office automation systems, etc. with a single scan.

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