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ManageEngine OpManager
ManageEngine OpManager is an an easy-to-use, and affordable network monitoring solution that can be used by large enterprises, service providers, and SMEs to manage their data centers and IT infrastructure efficiently and cost effectively. Network performance monitoring, physical and virtual server monitoring, traffic analysis, configuration management, firewall log management and IP address management can be offered by the software. Business view, email/sms based alerts, workflow automation, customized reports and combined snapshot view can be provided. Network devices such as routers, switches, firewalls, load balancers, wireless LAN controllers, servers, VMs, printers, storage devices, and everything that has an IP and is connected to the network can be monitored by using ManageEngine OpManager.
Docusnap is a B2B software that captures information of the network infrastructure, hardware and software as well as common application servers. Reports and maps of your network can be generated, contingency plans and operation manuals can be created. IT dependencies can be identified by learning who has access to which data and whether your software is licensed correctly. You can get quick results with the integrated standard diagrams and reports. The results can be exported to common Office products and Visio for further processing. The integrated web client can be used to access the data on mobile devices and tablet computers. The various editing options can be used for flexible customization.
Nlyte DCIM
Nlyte DCIM is a network mapping software that can be used by IT teams to automate, manage, and eliminate the risk associated with critical infrastructure. Asset, power, and energy monitoring, management can be included in Nlyte DCIM. Capacity management, what-if planning, predictive analytics, workflow, and out of the box integration with IT, BMS, and critical BI systems are included in asset lifecycle. The management of all your assets, resources, processes, and people throughout the entire lifecycle of your compute infrastructure including data center, colocation, virtual, edge and cloud can be automated by using Nlyte DCIM. Visibility, management, automation, and advanced analytics required to achieve application workload optimization across the Hybrid Cloud can be provided by Nlyte HDIM.

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