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Flowmon is a Network Monitoring and Security Solution which is fast, reliable and well secured. The best solution for network visibility can be provided by using leading edge IP flow monitoring technology. The software can be used for effective network troubleshooting, performance monitoring, capacity planning, encrypted traffic analysis and cloud monitoring. It keeps the amount of data noise and analytical work to a minimum and helps NetOps teams to understand user experience. IT operations can be provided with a deep understanding of network and application behavior to avoid performance issues, unavailability of critical application, security breaches. Flowmon also helps to eliminate suspicious activities, attacks and advanced threats that bypass traditional security solutions with Network Behavior Analysis
BhaiFi Network Time Machine
BhaiFi Network Time Machine is a NetFlow-based Network Visibility, Security and Planning platform that is highly scalable and runs in the cloud. It is designed for taking complex decisions by showing you who is on the network, what they are doing, and where their traffic is going to identify culprits in real time. Better network planning & data-driven security decisions can be taken. Network visibility problems and network protection issues can be solved to verify proper usage of company resources. All traffic metadata can be tracked and all unnoticed problems can be solved by using BhaiFi Network Time Machine.
PingPlotter is a graphical traceroute and ping tool that can be used by is a graphical traceroute and ping tool that visualizes network performance to visualize network performance. The source of problems can be identified quicker. It is easier to use for online gamers and video streamers, VoIP admins and IT pros. The network performance can be represented in graphs to help identify bottlenecks. Monitoring, alerting, and customization features are included. Alerts / Escalation, Bandwidth Monitoring, Change Management, Dashboard, Data Visualization, Historical Audit, IP Address Monitoring, Network Analysis, Network Monitoring, Server Monitoring and Uptime Reporting are some of the features that can be included in PingPlotter.

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