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SplashNonProfit is a highly integrated solution that can be used by nonprofit organizations to run their activities efficiently and effectively. The software is developed on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform and all licenses come with a Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service license, to provide you with more functionality.A unique database can be easily maintained and organized with data about all stakeholders including sponsors, beneficiaries, volunteers, donors and other partner. A clear overview of all sponsors' contracts can be provided and it has the ability to track easily all contract related activities and to have a communication history with each account.
Bloomerang is a simple, cloud-based donor management solution that helps nonprofits decrease donor attrition and increase revenue. The latest technologies can be plugged in and delivered with a clean, modern interface. Data is easy to import and read. Customer service, tutorial videos, articles, continuing education courses on fundraising strategies are provided. Alumni Management, Campaign Management, Contact Management, Contribution Tracking, CRM, Donation Tracking, Donor Discovery, Donor Management, Email Marketing, Event Management, Fundraising Management, Gift Matching Management, Grant Management, Member Database and Membership Management are some of the features that can be included in Bloomerang. You will be able to spend more time actually raising money as a lot of time can be saved by uding Bloomerang.
Neon CRM
Neon CRM is a cloud based fundraising and donor database that can be used by nonprofits and social good organizations of all sizes from small local community groups to large national organizations to build and support lasting relationships with those that support their mission. As the time consuming manual efforts can be automated and streamlined, you can focus on what matters most as well as on your organization's impact. You can get built-in event and volunteer management, reporting, online store capabilities, automated receipting and more than 50 software integrations with Neon CRM. Forms for event registration, donation tracking, automated confirmations are some of the great functionality of Neon CRM.

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