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Laminated Jute Bags

Laminated Jute Bags
Price : Rs 60.00 / Piece


188/227, Linghi Chetty Street, Mannady, Parrys, , Chennai, Tamil Nadu, 600001, India

Hessian Lunch Bag

Hessian Lunch Bag
Price : Rs 50 / Piece


6a Dr.rajendra Prasad Sarani , Kolkata, West Bengal, 700001, India

Office Bags:

Office bags are an essential part of the work life of a person in which the most important things are carried.

How to Find The Right Type of Office Bags:

Office Bags has to be convenient and of good quality.
You need a bag that is durable as well as can accommodate all that you need.
It should be easy to carry around.
You need an office bag that is perfect to carry to the office and looks smart as well.
The office bag should be of high quality and in a neutral color. 
Colors like black, blue, or brown will be prefect. You may also experiment with other colors as long as it is not too bright.


Briefcases are generally used by professionals which are mostly associated with businessmen and women who wear formal suits during the workday.
Briefcases are usually hard, rectangular box-like bag with a small handle and are often designed to hold laptops.
However, briefcases may be of soft material like leather, and have rounder, softer edges.
A leather briefcase are still used by many processionals for their everyday travels and commutes to and from work.
However, more people are using backpacks or messenger bags now instead of carrying a traditional briefcase around.
Modern briefcases for your laptop and documents are available now which are the new Aluminum style. 
These office bags are more durable and able to withstand day to day wear and tear. 
These new briefcases are sleeker in design and made with a protective interior lining to protect all your business essentials, like laptops and documents.

Laptop Office Bags:

Many variety of office bags are available that you can choose from. 
You will need to get a bag that has space to accommodate a laptop if you carry laptop in your office bags. 
The bag should have a pouch to keep your gadget safe. 
Laptop bags are usually large bags with padding and used to carry laptops.
Laptop bags comes with a separate padded compartment just for the laptop and may also have other compartments to keep laptop accessories, books or other things.
These type of office bag comes in the form of a backpack or hand-held or shoulder bags. 
Backpacks are perfect choice if you ride a bike to work as there is a lot of space in backpacks to accommodate your laptop and files. 
Backpack office bags comes in many brands like WildCraft and Tommy Hilfiger.
You can also choose a hand-held bag as these have a space for laptops too. 
Hand-held bags have short handles and looks smart when paired with formal attire. 
Hand-held office bags are suitable to take for a big meeting. 
The shoulder bags are almost similar to the handheld ones, except that the handles are longer and can be adjusted. 
You can get the best shoulder bags from United Colors of Benetton. Go for backpacks if you take laptops, documents as well as bottles to work. 
You can keep all of your essential things in these bags. 
Backpacks that are waterproof is great for laptops.
The only problem with a backpack is that it doesn't look professional enough for most work environments.

Messenger Office Bags:

You can also find office bags without the laptop space too. 
You can carry all essential documents in multiple compartments in these type of office bag.
Messenger bags are also suitable to take to work if you do not need space for laptop. 
You can get messenger bags of the best quality if you don't prefer backpacks.
You can get one with or without a space for a laptop based on your need.
Although messenger bags are available in many brands, the best messenger bags are available from the brand Puma.
Messenger bags will have both a short and a long handle.
You can either strap it on your shoulder or across your chest or can hold with your hands with the shorter handle .
You can find all sorts of office bags online or near by stores. 
You can find the latest office bags when you shop online if you are someone who likes to stay in trend.
Several options are available online to choose from. 
You can choose the right one for you based on your requirements. 
You can get an office bag that is not just useful but also fashionable with the numerous options available online.

How to Carry Office Bags:


  • Office bags come in both small and big sizes. 
  • Go for a bigger one instead of stuffing it all in a small bag if you have a lot of things to carry.
  • Your look can be professional with a smart looking bag.
  • Office bags are designed for both men and women.
  • Make sure that you are comfortable with the bag type that also meet your requirement before buying it. 
  • Buy one with all the required features if you are comfortable with backpacks. 
  • However, you could always experiment with new types of office bags.  

Things you need to keep in mind when you are buying a bag for your workplace:


  • Office bag should have ample space. It has to be roomy, but that doesn't mean it needs to be large. You need to choose one that looks presentable as well as gives you enough storage space.
  • Office bag should have many compartments and pockets to accommodate and organize your wallet, make-up, electronics etc. in different sections, so that you won't have to make an unsystematic and untidy search through your entire bag, every time you want something.
  • It is always great to have a bag that you can customize as per your needs. Go for one that has adjustable straps or handle which will not only be useful, but also change the look of the bag.
  • Choose a office bag with neutral shades and understated patterns, instead of bright ones or bold prints as you will have to carry this bag daily and it should match all your office clothes. 
  • You might end up looking like a fashion disaster with an inappropriate office bag.

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