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Profit.co is a Performance Appraisal Software that can be used for businesses who are using the OKR methodology to manage their businesses. OKR is a all in one solution that helps your teams focus, measure, and achieve the goals of your organization. Your OKRs can be created in a click using the OKR Templates of Profit.co for every level of your organization in less than 5 minutes. Real time progress on OKRs across every level of your company can be offered by the dashboard of Profit.co. Managers and leaders will be able to identify potential problems easily and push for progress because of transparency into the progress of your teams' OKRs.
Jira is a software development tool that can be used to manage all the stage of their workflow, from planning to shipping and releasing. As the automation engine of Jira does not require any coding, it allows your team to save time and increase their efficacy by automating any task or process with a few clicks. User stories and issues can be created, sprints can be planed and tasks can be distributed across your software team. The work of your team can be prioritized and discussed in full context with complete visibility. Team performance can be improved based on real-time, visual data. Product requirements in Confluence can be transformed into a Jira Software backlog with just a single click. Issues and transitions work are automatically updated by Jira Software when code is committed in Bitbucket. Your work can be streamline with automation to save your time and stay focused.
Confluence is a knowledge management and project collaboration that can be used by technical teams, project management groups, marketing, HR, legal, and finance departments. Everyone in the team can make better decisions faster and be more responsive to change as they are organized and aligned with everything from meeting notes to strategy docs and IT documentation with Confluence. Pages can be organized and found easily with advanced search, labels, and an intuitive page hierarchy. You can either start with a blank page or choose from various customizable templates for every team from strategy and planning docs to reports. Plans can be connected to development work with powerful Jira integrations including issue-tracking and dynamically updating roadmaps.

OKR Software:

OKR or objectives and key results Software is a software that is used for setting, tracking, communicating and measuring goals and results within businesses. Challenging and ambitious goals can be set by management for teams and individuals by using OKR software.
This is a a specific and centralized place to record the goal progress, road blockers, and completion of team members, which allows management to measure overall productivity across the organization. You can create, share, and assign objectives at a company, department, team, and personal level by using the Objectives and Key Results Methodology. OKR provides a framework for setting up the goal for your teammates or employees so that they also know what they are trying to achieve. Setting, tracking and evaluating the goals, can be done frequently on a monthly or quarterly basis.
An Objective describe what need to be achieved which is concrete, significant, action-oriented, and inspirational. Key Results benchmark and monitor the way we get to the objective. Effective KRs are specific, measurable, verifiable and time-bound.
A regular check can be done at the end of a quarter and grading can be done if the key results as fulfilled or not. The objective is achieved once the KR are all completed.
To track OKR, first of all define your Objectives and Key results and then make your OKR transparent by sharing them with your employees and co-workers, so that they can actively participate in achieving them. Make sure that every team member can see the current status and track the OKR.
Finally, evaluate your achievements and progress on regular basis either monthly or quarterly to see if the deadline is going to met and communicate any risks in advance to the team members.

Benefits of OKR software:

Benefits of using an OKR software include:

Goal Assignment:

OKR Software allows managers to assign a goal to the team member without directly involving themselves into the goal. Managers can also keep a track of the progress of their team member. OKR software makes it easy for a manager to to assign goals to their team members without setting up a formal meeting.

Easy Prioritization:

Defining Objectives and Key Results in a OKR software will helps you understand and decide which tasks has more priority and which ones can be done later. OKR software makes the whole process easier and interesting as it is is easier to achieve the goals when they are specific and easy to understand. It is possible as the software help your employees understand their goals better and give them a direction and way to complete those.

Monitoring Progress:

Tracking the progress of an employee towards achieving their goal is very important part of goal setting as it actively help them with accomplishing their goals. Each time someone checks in on the goal, it sends out notification to goal assigners. The goal assigners can also comment on each goal check-in. This eliminates the need of any formal meeting and saves time of both employee and manager.
However, discussion about the goal and the progress can be done if it is required.

Align individual goals with company goals:

You can align individual goals with company goals with an OKR software, by which employees can easily understand how their contribution matters to the organization. Their progress can be checked in the software to see how their work has contributed in organizational success.

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