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Vtiger is a customizable CRM that can be used by sales teams in more than 300,000 companies to increase business revenue and sales performance. Value can be added at all stages of the sales process to help you capture and identify top leads, nurture deals through automated email and SMS campaigns. Collaboration with teammates is possible by using Vtiger. You will be able to analyze and forecast revenue, streamline meetings, spot deals at risk, manage proposals and quotes to win more deals. More deals can be closed, productivity of sales team can be enhanced and time can be reduced with Vtiger CRM.
Kylas is a sales CRM that can be used by small businesses to streamline their sales efforts, engage with their customers effectively and convert deals. You will be more organized as leads can be imported at a click, contacts and deals can be managed easily and tasks and notes can be created. Duplicate records can be flagged and you are allowed to create smart lists and filters for your data which saves lot of time. Your productivity can be tracked as you can view revenue projections and get insightful reports on the productivity of your team. Multiple custom sales pipelines can be created and also custom fields can be added to suit your business.
Teknovate CRM
Teknovate CRM is a B2B and B2C Sales and Marketing Software that can be used by organizations to help with tracking and automation of sales and marketing activities. It will capture leads from all the sources, send auto mail or SMS, and remind you for all your activities by acting as a Personal Lead Manager for you. Sales, Marketing, Projects & tasks, Service Tickets, and more departments can be effectively managed. Leads are auto assigned to appropriate team and salesperson based on product, location etc. Your leads are classified in multiple stages so that you can manage them easily and forecast the sales. The pending activity of each salesperson can be tracked and managed from a single dashboard.

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