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OmPrompt Sales Order Automation
OmPrompt Sales Order Automation is an Order Entry Software that can be used by companies to manage their customers orders easily. The manual document capture can be eliminated by this fully integrated, cloud based non-EDI Sales Order Automation solutions. You can automate any trading partner, digitize any document, and process any format by using this software. Costs can be optimized, diverse processes can be standardized and visibility can be significantly improved. The digital foundations for process excellence can be provided. Order capture processes can be standardized without impacting customers. Manual data entry can be eliminated with AI and zero-touch automation. You can digitize quickly without installing and configuring any software.
DEAR Systems
DEAR Systems is suitable for small to medium businesses in retail, wholesale, manufacturing, food production sectors to manage inventory levels. The entire business cycle in inventory management can be covered by the solution. Information can be provided you need to manage costs and maximize profitability. You will be able to do multi-level Build of Materials for manufacturing clients and then sell through multiple of sales channel. Accounting Integration, Alerts/Notifications, Barcoding/RFID, Cataloging/Categorization, Cost Tracking, Customer Database, Forecasting, Inventory Management, Inventory Optimization, Inventory Tracking, Kitting, Manufacturing Inventory Management, Mobile Access, Multi-Channel Management and Order Management are some of the features that can be included in DEAR Systems.
Brightpearl is an order management system that can be used by omnichannel retailers and wholesalers to automate their order management by managing your orders in real time. Orders can be consolidated from all of your retail online as well as offline channels into a single interface that helps you manage your Inventory, Orders, Purchasing, Accounting , CRM, POS and Fulfilment in real time. In-depth insight into the profitability of products, customers, channels and suppliers can be provided. The software can be integrated with major ecommerce platforms and marketplaces. 3PL Management, Alerts/Notifications, Backorder Management, Barcoding/RFID, Cataloging/Categorization, Channel Management, Check-in/Check-out, Commission Management, Cost Tracking, CRM, Customer Database, Data Synchronization, Distribution Management, eCommerce Management and Email Marketing are some of the features that can be included in Brightpearl.

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