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Pacifiers help babies soothe themselves during periods of crying. It helps parents when the infant is either not hungry or too full to eat but still needs the comfort that sucking provides. Pacifiers is useful to parents in those early months.

Pacifiers might lower her risk of SIDS while asleep by more than half years of age. You can use Pacifier during naps or nighttime. If you're breast-feeding, wait to use a pacifier until your baby is 3 to 4 weeks old. But you need to limit the time duration you give your child to use a pacifier. You can use it till 12 months old and then plan to give it up.

There is also disadvantage of using a pacifier as might increase the risk of middle ear infections.Prolonged pacifier use might lead to dental health problems. But Pacifier use should not be actively discouraged. It may be especially useful in the first six months of life.  If the baby swallows air as a result of repetitive sucking of the pacifier, Gas can be produced in infants. The overuse of a pacifier can cause some problems with your child's teeth and they become very attached to their pacifiers.

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