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Fresh Organic Paneer

Fresh Organic Paneer


586 ramanapet colony,khammam, Khammam, Khammam, Telangana, 507003, India

Fresh Malai Paneer

Fresh Malai Paneer


H1050 Jagirpuri Delhi, Delhi, Delhi, 110033, India

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Paneer Suppliers

Is paneer a cheese or milk?

Paneer is a a soft cheese made from curdled milk .

Is paneer from a cow?

Paneer is a soft cheese variety manufactured from cow or buffalo milk.

Is paneer good for health?

Paneer contains rich in potassium that helps controls blood pressure levels.

Is paneer healthier than milk?

Paneer healthier than milk when it comes to nutrition.

Is paneer calcium or protein?

Both paneer is rich in protein and calcium.

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